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    • What language should I use?

      Good question. As you can see, we support players from all over the world. The main language is English, however we also support Polish and therefore we ask you to use flags (🇬🇧 or 🇵🇱) at the beginning of each post so our members can more easily navigate in the content of the Forum. Thanks.

    • Can I start a topic without registering?

      The answer is: Yes, you can start the topic as a Guest using "Questions without registration" option -an a approval is required. However, we always encourage guests to register to gain full access to the Forum. Just click the "Register" button in the top left corner or in the "guest messages" button. Enter all the details, wait for the confirmation email and then you can start chatting etc. Alternatively, you can use our registrations using your social media profile link - even faster way to join us.

    • Where and how should I add/start a topic?

      Remember this is a new forum so take your time to find all the options. *Browse the Forum, select a topic you are interested in and use the "Start a topic" button. * If you are unsure, just add a question in HydePark> Casual Chit Chat> Ask? (We will edit and put your topic in the right place) * use different options like choose colour, text size, upload photo, video etc. Try not to add too big photos, we limited them to max. 300 pixels and this is the optimal view. Remember that you can edit your post up to 20 minutes after posting and you cannot delete it.

    • What's the best way to reduce large images to posts?

      You can use various free websites that offer free photo reduction etc. The most common and used by me personally is www.tinypng.com

    • How will I know about the comment in my question/post?

      After approval of the topic, you automatically follow the topic and if there is any reaction or response you will receive an automatic notification at the time of logging in. Below each topic you can choose whether you want to follow the topic. You can also add an RSS feed to your device to get instant notifications about added topics.

    • Can I post/promote my topics to my social media etc?

      Yes, you can easily share yours or any other topics using applications like Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, e-mail etc. Promoting any content on to our "social media" accounts is of course reserved only to us.

    • "Mark site read”, what is it?

      Ok, imagine that you visit the Forum every day and you can check unread content all the time (that's what we need from you😉). However, if you leave Forum for a long time, when you return, you will end up with a huge number of posts that you may not want to read or you may only choose a few.If you want to clean the Forum quickly, click "Mark site read" in the upper left corner or after clicking on the menu on phones or tablets.

    • What do I do if someone is cyberbullying me at Forum?

      We always take this matter seriously and always ask users to report such behaviour. Please send me a personal message and don't worry, you are safe with us. We will investigate user behaviour as soon as possible.

    • Where can I find more information about the forum, regulations etc?

      In the main menu you will find the “Member Area" section and then in the "Forum Info" tab you will find all the necessary information.

    • What additional options do you offer on the Forum?

      Additional things on the Forum are: * Clubs * Subscriptions * Advertising * Competitions. More information can be found in the main FAQ section.

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