We try to answer all the common questions we hear over the last few months..

If you can't find an answer please simply text us and we will be more than happy to answer it and add it to our FAQ.

UPDATED:March 2020

      1.Who are we?

We are a Family of four, two girls, my wife and I,we are based in Colchester and we decided to open xForum for all the new and pro xbox players.

      2.Why did you open the xForum?

We know how difficult it is sometimes to get an answer, especially when you are not sure how and where to ask, we hope that lots of pro-players will find time to answer, even silly question from beginners.

      3.So who is the main Administrator?

I am the owner, founder, and main Admin.

      4.Are you planning to make any profit from the xForum?

Honestly, money is not a big problem at the moment and if in the future I will have a proposition of selecting some advertisments, from carefully selected brands to make profit..., then yes.

I'd like to add that I will keep the xForum as clean as possible so no advertising at the moment.... 

      1. How to Register?

It is very easy to register, simply click Sign-Up button on the left top corner or follow “guest message”.

Put all details, wait for confirmation email and after that you are ready to add content.You will receive a welcoming email as well.

      2 .Where should I start/add post?

Remember, it's a new Forum and give yourself time to find all the options.Simply browse through it and choose a subject you are interested in.

If not sure, simply add a question in HydePark>Casual Conversation>Ask?

We will move your message to correct sub-forum.

      3. Where can I change the theme?

You can change theme(x-day/x-night)on the bottom footer or in the top right corner/menu.

      4. Are you offering any paid memberships?

In the future we will offer paid membership with it's own x-Pro Theme, no adds, unlimited limits for small monthly fee.

      5. How I can open a Club?

Simply choose Club from main Menu and follow on-screen instructions.

Remember to setup club as a privet or open to public and inform your members to follow it to receive automatic notifications for new feeds/content.

Read the xForum Club section.

      6.Can I earn some points for adding posts/feeds?

Of course you will earn reputation points...I'm planning to open a “members shop” in the future where you can exchange your points from posting to xbox-vibes gadgets.(mugs, t-shirts, key rings, cups, and more)

Gadgets will be available to purchase for everyone as well for little fee.

      7. Can I use the chatbox for asking questions?

Normally I'm asking everyone to use the xForum for adding questions, chatbox is only for free/casual chat...

      8. Can I open my own Clan orMixer xTribe?

xForum is for your use, feel free to open Clans and xTribes in Club section and use forum topics to gather more members.

      9.Can I donate, and if, could you add me to “donation members”?

I will add any donating member to Premium group and I will add a separate Donation Club for all of you to chat and send ideas about prices and donation future investments.

      10.Are you doing any Competitions/Giveaways?

Yes, we are doing roughly once every two months Giveaway/Draw or Polls with prizes.Please check for announcements that usually are floating on the top of the page with more information in “Competition” section.

      11. Can I change language and what language should I use for posting?

You can use flags in the top corner or footer in the bottom.We operate eng/pol for xForum menu, however feel free to use any language you want for posting, you can add which language you are using in the subject like “New xbox(eng)”.

      1. What is a purpose of opening a Club?

Good question.Main idea of opening a club is to give you a little bit of privacy and giving your option to add your content to selected type of members that are more interested in specific type of content supplying by you.

      2. Can I keep my Club private?

Yes, you can.Your Club will be only visible for your members and not visible on forum for another members.

      3. Can I keep my Club open to public?

Of course, You have few options when setting up your Club(Private,Open,Public, Closed, Read Only)

      4. What is Read only Club?

Everyone can see Clubs posts, probably best idea for bloggers etc.

      5. Can you have access to my Club?

Yes, as an Administrator I have full access to Forum and features...however I am always following our xForum Privacy Rules.

      6. Can you close, remove Club?

If I will see that the Club is not following xForum Rules I will ask the Club owner to change content and set up a warning message. The worse scenario is to close down the Club.

      7. Can I add links to my Club and members if we using different platform for gaming/streaming?

Its fine to exchange your mixer pages links , but I'll be more than happy If you can treat your Club as a 'BASE' for your group.

      1. How many themes are available for users?

We offer two themes for members(x-day, x-night)

      2. Are you offering any premium theme ?

Yes, we offer x-Pro theme for xTeam and Premium members only, no adds, no limits.Probably another theme in the future x-Top.

      3. Can I have x-Pro as an ordinary member?

Im planning to make a membership subscription for small monthly fees to access x-Pro theme for ordinary members.

Please remember, if you actively promoting and using our xForum you will be promoted to higher Groups and eventually will access automatically x-Pro.

      1. Can I contact with you if I need any help with the xForum?

Of course, use contact us option or simply send me PM(personal message),

I will come back to you ASAP.

      2. What about if someone is cyberbullying me on xForum?

Go to “Forum Matters”>”xTeam”>”Complaints” and add a new post there.

We will investigate the users behaviour ASAP.

      3. Can I ask for help to someone else if you are not available?

You are free to post any questions on the xForum in any appropriate part of the xForum , and hopefully another member will help you. 

      4. I want to advertise my web/mixer page on your xForum,what to do?

Please feel free to contact with me using PM and we will find a solution for your request.Any unauthorized advertising will breach our Rules and will be removed .

      5. What are the fees for putting adverts on the xForum?

I don't have any fixed fees and every single advert will be checked separately,we will find the perfect solution.

     6. Are you sending any updates about xForum?

Yes, you will find us on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

We are sending monthly newsletter email with current informations, updates, offers and draws.

Hope that will help you 

Please enjoy your time.