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The Rules of xbox-vibes xForum.

For the interests of the level of discussion and the cultural exchange of views, we ask for the principles of good behaviour to be adopted in general. If you want to discuss on xbox-vibes.com platform ,you must follow the following rules of procedure:

1.   Viewing of the forum is available to all service users. To put a new subject or participate in discussion you need to sign-up on xbox-vibes.com and log in.

2.   The user publishing its comments on its own responsibility. The administrators of the xbox-vibes.com Forum not taking any responsibility for the contents added to forum by users

3.   Personal data controller is Jacek Krajewski. Personal data shall be processed according to the xbox-vibes.com  Privacy policy & cookies.

4.   All data are encrypted in the database and available only for service administrators. However, we will reserve the right to make all known information available for authorised bodies, if any criminal or civilian proceedings are initiated, because offensive publications on our forum.

5.   The forum is generally available for all uses and a visitors. However, we ask to post topics that are connected with main topic of that Forum.

6.   It is prohibited to affix to the forum posts that will break international law, linked to pornography, calling for racial hatred, designation and ethnic, and fascist content, vulgar and fraud, affecting religious feelings, infringing copyright or third parties.

7.   It is unacceptable to include on the xbox-vibes.com service content recognised as prevailing morally, socially inappropriate and violated labels of ethics.

8.   Providing and requesting for any materials covered by the protection of copyright (music, films, books, multimedia, etc.) is prohibited. Posting such materials or access to them shall be delegated and the user notoriously breaking that paragraph and promoting that type of procedure will continue user will be block without a warning.

9.    Any cases of breaking the law will be reported to the police or judicial authorities. The users and they posts will be instantly removed from the forum.

10.   The forum is not a place to advertise other websites and services.

11.   The notorious violating of this paragraph shall be effective in the blocking account. A derogation is permitted from this point of regulation of the forum, if the link to another service or website does not constitute advertising of the above mentioned service or website. Final decision for leaving or removing post containing link to another service or website belongs to Administrators or Moderators of  xbox-vibes.com

12.   In the interests of the level of discussion and the cultural exchange of views, the principles of general etiquette should be followed.

13.   It is prohibited to insult other forum users. Don't provoke and attack anyone with your words. Don't threaten anyone. The insulting texts will be removed without notification of their authors.

14.   We have zero tolerance policy for using vulgarisms.

15.   The publication of personal data and contact details shall be forbidden including private correspondence. If you want to send sensitive data to another xbox-vibes.com user use your account private message option .

16.   Avoid writing the whole text using big letters, it's unreadable In electronic form, the capital letters means creaming.

17.   Write always about the topic you choose.. Try to formulate your thoughts in sensible and transparent form.

18.   The name of the post should reflect its content. Edit your messages clear and understandable, so that other users of Forum do not have to wonder of they meanings. 

19.   Try to add a substantive and sensible posts. Avoid the "super”,"I agree” posts ...etc. This does not bring anything to the discussion and unnecessarily litters the thread.  Such posts can be deleted without notifying the Author.

20.   If you want to start a new thread, review others to avoid duplicating topics.  To do this, use the "Search" option.

21.   It is forbidden to create the same threads in several different departments.  Repeated threads will be deleted and their Author will receive a warning.

22.   Don't write your posts one under another – if you want to add something, then use the option to edit a post.

23.   Threads containing quarrels, defiance, or only poking posts will be deleted without notifying their Author.

24.   The administration and moderators xbox-vibes.com may without a warning close down threads, and remove the posts if they breach rules the forum and the laws applicable in the general world policy.

25.   The administration and moderators of the xbox-vibes.com may transfer the threads to another, more appropriate sub-accounts without telling the author.

26.   In the case of a breach of this regulations, the user forum, may be blocked/removed without warning and its data will be erased within 48 hours of account closure.

27.   The decision to remove the thread or a post by the administrators or moderators of xbox-vibes.com shall be irrevocable.

28.   It is unacceptable to conduct any action aimed at discredit or abuse administrators, administration and moderators of   xbox-vibes.com.   Such posture shall be removed immediately and their author will be blocked without a earlier warning.

29.   Its prohibited to create new account with xbox-vibes.com as a result of closing/blocking account for not complying with Rules.Such act may result in blocking by the xbox-vibes.com administration, the IP address and/or device that the blocked user using to go around decision that was made for breaking the Rules.

30.   Any questions, comments and doubts regarding the operation of the xbox-vibes.com please send directly using the contact form.

31.   In matters which are not included in this Rules final word belongs to administration of xbox-vibes.com

32.   Using services of xbox-vibes.com user shall accept this regulation in this form and oblige entirely to comply with it.

33.   Xbox-vibes.com reserves the right to modify these Forum Rules.  Any changes shall enter into force at the time of their publication on this website without individual information for members.

34.   We would inform you, that we do nat take any legal or civil liability for any exchanges, contracts and cash transactions.

35.   We are not responsible for established acquaintances, meetings, exchange of addresses in the categories available on xbox-vibes.com

36.   We would like to highlighted that any logo and the name of Xbox,Microsoft on our website is not related to distribution or sell any of this company's products.

37.   Our forum is a 100% independent forum which serves only to exchange views on Xbox themes and world views.

38.Any revenue from the site is related to advertisements and user grants that is voluntary, not from Microsoft products.

Your sincerely xTeam.

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