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When starting topic, please add _eng or _pol for content language. Tworzac temat, prosze doodadc _pol lub _eng jako wskazanie języka postu. ×
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  1. FAQ   (89 visits to this link)

    Pytania i odpowiedzi pomogą Wam z xForum.

  2. FAQ   (65 visits to this link)

    Questions and answers will help You with xForum.

  3. Regulamin   (55 visits to this link)

    Zbiór zasad i praw związanych z xForum!!

  4. Rules   (54 visits to this link)

    Terms and Conditions related to xForum!!

General Chatbox

Chatroom Rules

-no swearing

-short messages with friends

-use forum for more complex issues/questions

-then xForum is yours, so do whatever you want


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