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  1. lilk_1h

    Gone Series

    So recently I got told about this series of books: Gone series. It is an amazing series of 6 books, the age rating is a 15 however if you are younger but mature then y could also read it! I’m reading it for the second time and I’m in love with it ! If you like, horror, sci fi, action, romance , and a bit of drama read it now!!!! I will give u a short summary... in Perdido Beach California a huge dome appears separating them from the outside world. Everyone above the age 14 disappear. Food is scarce and kids start to mutate powers.... so u have a book to read in summer . Pre warning ok the last book have tissues next to you !! I cried xD ty x
  2. XD but dogs can have corona too
  3. lilk_1h


    😂 thanks
  4. Xx thnx
  5. lilk_1h


    That is Find x
  6. lilk_1h


    As I promised I will post my short movie on or before Easter... Here it is x enjoy. If u identify any errors plz mssge me xx IMG_1392.mp4
  7. Don’t worry I think that might be me at some points
  8. lilk_1h


    As I am a young lady I love to discover various Apps. I especially enjoy creating mini animations, but I couldn’t find an app which would help. Eventually I found one, toontastic, an app for any age. I started to do a few animations which I am planning to share with you. I eventually thought to do one about this website!!! It will be on here on Easter or maybe just before. As well as this I will add new ones for you to enjoy maybe once a week! If u would like me to make one for u just give all the details. Xxx TYSM!!!🥳🤩😜😝😘 I cant wait to post it
  9. My doctor said to stay away from things which will make me look fat.... So I’m never on a scale or in a photo x
  10. If you know anybody who wants to learn how to make games, however needs to know the basics. Check out mission maker a place where you can make your own 🌍 world. Make a challenge for friends for example- they are stuck in a room and they have to collect certain objects to open certain doors. for more information text me!
  11. lilk_1h


    When u first receive a control - what is this? - u hold it! - -ummm... now what?- -turn the Xbox on- -how? oh by this circular button!- -now this screen is black!- -TURN THE TV ON -HOW THAT IS THE AUDIO BUTTON!- this my friend when he comes over

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