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  1. 3hrs trial hehe, I’m not often reading reviews but I can see straight away your passion for what you doing . Good job bro and good luck 😉. Now even, I want to try it and definitely will.
  2. Take care bro , hope everything will be good .🙏🙏🙏
  3. Hi Mate, the Soulcalibur6 look awesome🕶.
  4. Hi @ GMd4d , so this is a Xbox marketplace where you can get games for free ?? Sorry,I’m still a beginner and just now found out about this marketplace.
  5. Hi @ edjazoli25, so what is your and your family situation now? Everything is ok , only asking as you not on IG and forum for long time-or it’s just me going paranoid?🧐
  6. Thamas

    new game idea_eng

    Thank you guys for all the ideas, hopefully MS will listen to our ideas and in the future we will enjoy games that will suit us in every single aspect.
  7. Thamas

    new game idea_eng

    So here is a question for everyone. What game would you like made that isn't a game? For me a firefighter game would be great. Real fire effects. Rescueing victims. Driving the engine. Kicking in doors etc? I found that on FB and I think its a great question?
  8. I think as a first console go for oneS- digital? not sure about that? Maybe go for standard with phisical disc option as you never know?Personally Im not a fan of digital...
  9. Hehe, its a good old updated minecraft game, I think everyone started from that point -playing minecraft... even @ edjazoli25 added Minecraft theme to the page🤭 I simply love that game , even now when I'm a teenboy...😅
  10. I was freally enjoing that game in April, cant wait fro your May games poll @ Jack !!!😁
  11. welcome @ G-BOY , Im Thamas from US, i'm not a massivelly active member , however Ive got my questions answered, great place-just starting, so you must give it a chance . See U later on forum.
  12. in US going quite scary now, Im not sure if we will recover at all, I think that the virus will be here all the time and We need to prepare ourselves to live with it. Message to Gov, -STOP messing about with viruses that you can't control on the end and stop using us as a experimental guinea pigs.
  13. OMG, hope you all will fell better soon.🙏. Let us know last few days as last update was on Tuesday.Are U ok?
  14. Hi there. Im looking 4 someone who wil design a simple logo for my game tag? I'm looking for someting in purple and green colours , wolf & eagle theme and" TaCo" fo a name. Need 2 be in circular shape.
  15. ok, I can see now , I was on ultinate and its simply recalculated my previous balance from live etc....its only for new account, maybe its worth to open secound acount in the future andf then use it as a family sharing account?

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