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  1. ok, thanks I was wondering why I can't find anywhere this option . Personally I thought that will be more like Hallo that you can do single player mode with automated crew.
  2. Hi there. I was wondering, any chance that new Destiny 2 can be play in offline mode? If so, how I can change to it? I have tried everything and I simply don't know hoe to do it. Thanks.
  3. Tony Hawk's is the best release at the moment , maybe because I'm a skater??I like Destiny to but I don't know why they haven't made a offline option as well..
  4. Good point @Grano22, lots of people commuting most of the morning and afternoon, I know someone spending 2 hrs in the train every day, in this case it’s a perfect option for him.
  5. Hi guys. We can hear everywhere about new seriesX overheating issue, you really think it’s a serious issue or it’s a PS4 anti Xbox campaign?
  6. I saw your post before and I must say new TH is so good. The only problem is that sometimes I’m having problem to play with my mates...It’s looks like internet issue.
  7. Worth to add that xCloud is designed purely for mobiles users.
  8. Hi again. I will personally go for one S and the new series S it’s digital only and have smaller internal storage . Ho for one S 1T and you’ll be fine as a beginner. Games? You’ll be fine for another 5-6 years and all the new games will work with previous models.
  9. Ultimate will give you full access to game pass(100+games) and live (online gaming with members). You don’t need live to play games , game pass will be enough but you will be restricted to playing game only without interacting with another gamers . Im getting mine from https://www.cdkeys.com Good luck .
  10. Thanks @ edjazoli25 , now I know what is going onheheh, I that I can hack the system by borrowing and installing games....
  11. Hi there I borrowed a game on CD from my friend and downloaded to my console, it’s looks like I can’t play without disc now ? Is that true that for cd games I still need a disc ??
  12. 3hrs trial hehe, I’m not often reading reviews but I can see straight away your passion for what you doing . Good job bro and good luck 😉. Now even, I want to try it and definitely will.
  13. Take care bro , hope everything will be good .🙏🙏🙏
  14. Hi Mate, the Soulcalibur6 look awesome🕶.
  15. Hi @ GMd4d , so this is a Xbox marketplace where you can get games for free ?? Sorry,I’m still a beginner and just now found out about this marketplace.

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