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  1. Looks like a few new games approaching our way...great review , thanks @ Xbox Team .
  2. Hi @ edjazoli25, I have ordered the bike , and as you advices me Ive got mat , weights and the rest..Thank you for $100 off code and hopefully will see you on the Leaderbard. Thanks again.
  3. Ok then. The new one will come with elite controller I will thought?But I want to keep the standard one for my nephew that will eventually visit me after all that Covid-19 situation. Thanks again.
  4. Hi @ edjazoli25 I’m seriously thinking about Peloton, could you send me code and advice/explain that monthly plan situation?Do I need it?or I can go only with digital subscription?
  5. Hi there. i’m planning to get new x series after being with one S for a while now.My question is ,Can I use standard white controllers and my headset with new x ? If so, do I need ,and how to do controllers update etc? Thanks.
  6. As you all know from my previous posts my job is to travel around the world , mostly by plain. so at the moment I’m sitting at home doing nothing, I’m trying to master my xbox , probably more questions to come, however they may to be to silly ? Stay home , stay safe.
  7. Thank you so much @ GMd4d ...superb advice, make sense.
  8. Hi , Im a crazy girl form Europe, just starting my Xbox adventure...Hi 👋 to everyone.
  9. Hi there, So here I am , happy Xbox one s owner...However the question now is , do I need Xbox live for next 6 months or not. ?? Please help me guys and girls 😂.
  10. @ xbox-star :) that’s really cute....need more of it in this topic.

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