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  1. Hej, przygotowałęm zestawienie premier gier na Xbox'a na bieżący tydzień. Może coś was zainteresuje 😉 Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break data premiery 21/07/20202 Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break” od studia ACE Team jest tytułem łączącym w sobie cechy kompetytywnej gry typu tower defense ze zręcznościową rozgrywką i ekscentrycznym humorem Monty Python-esque. To jedna, wielka, kreatywna gra na lata. Zanurz się w porywającą, niszczącą historię z wieloma eklektycznymi przygodami wokół absolutnie przegiętych i nieistotnych postaci. Możesz także, po raz pierwszy, tworzyć swoje własn
  2. @ Thamas the marketplace in the link is the official MS Store. The same store you have on Xbox or the Xbox website. The name just copied itself while I made ctrl+C 😉
  3. That's right, like the topic says, can add Injustice: Gods among Us for 0 amount of money under this link (I copied Polish url): https://marketplace.xbox.com/pl-pl/Product/Injustice-Gods-Among-Us/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d80257520829 It will work both on Xbox 360 and Xbox One. You can add also a few free DLCs to tha game. Enjoy lads!
  4. GMd4d

    new game idea_eng

    I was really disappointed when MS canceled the Scalebound project. This would be "my game" as I am really into fantasy and a connection between the main character and a dragon would be amazing. Maybe someday the project will have its rebirth... fingers crossed 🙂
  5. Microsoft said that xbox one controllers will work with Series X console. For now there is no need to do any updates as the New console is not available. There will be some information about it around the release day. I am not sure about the headset but probably it will work both with Xbox One and Xbox Series
  6. Yea, you can play in a "couch coop" mode. I play with my wife and two daughters. You just need more than one controller 😉🖖
  7. If you are more into digital copies of games X1S could be a good choice, especially that Microsoft will support both X series X and X1 at the same tike for the first two years. If you have a 4K Tv and will have physical discs with games I'd recommend Xbox One X. You will have time to think about an upgrade and change for Series X console for some time. If you treat it more like an investment and do not consider upgrade of a console for the next few years you should wait for series X - it will have backwords compatibility so you will be able to play classic games, 360's, and X1 gam
  8. Hey, is there anyone playing Minecraft Dungeons? It cam out few days ago, and me and my family are really enjoying the game so far. It has 4 players local co-op, and the hack&slash genre (like a childish version of Diablo 2 with a lot less options). Let me know how you like the game! Stay safe guys!
  9. A marathon of Tolkien based movies would be great for me... Hobbit + LoTR too bad /i cannot do it on the go, maybe I'll try to make 1 move a day run 😉
  10. Hey, nice to have you with us! If there is anything we can help you with, let us know.
  11. Ja mam PDP Energizer 2x i spisuje się świetnie. Wygląda bardzo ładnie, akumulatory trzymają długo, a stojak zapewnia miejsce na 2 pady i zawsze mam kontroler naladowany 😉
  12. @ Xboxziomek jak gra zniknie z game pass to nie będziesz mógł w nią grać.
  13. The first months of 2020 has been really hectic but not in the games industry. We have had a few great game releases with even more to come in the following weeks. ➡️One of those games is Ori and the Will of the Wisp. Actually, I’ve had high hopes for this title as the first part was simply amazing. I must say that I was not disappointed with it! Ori gave me an outstanding adventure with astonishing graphics, amazing gameplay, beautiful story and breath-taking soundtrack. I had so many different emotions while playing the game, I felt joy, sadness, fury, relief, and fury again… Ori is a “must
  14. You have to log on you friends account on your console and set it as "Home console" and your friend has to do it the other way found on his xbox. (Your account as a Home Console on his device). To play a game you can use your own accounts on your consoles. You can share games and Xbox Live Gold this way. Dunno if it works for Game Pass it EA Access (with EA Access probably not).
  15. I've played Borderlands 2 and it was a lot of fun. I will have to try Borderlands 3 but 1st I need to finish Far Cry 5. I've started playing it and it's really really good!

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