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  1. Yes, that’s true , unfortunately we cannot simply borrow from friends and use it after installation, you need game key to start game, you can always put disc -start the game- take disco out (give it back) and then continue with the game on until you finish it-I know it’s extreme, but If you like the game that is the only option for you. LOL😉
  2. WarriOrb looks interesting 🧐.?
  3. I’ve got it eventually!! Simply in love at the moment.
  4. Hello, Grounded looks like a good game so I will give a thumb up for it .
  5. Yes @ Xboxziomek you can easily play in more than one person , if you still don’t know how let me know .
  6. G-BOY

    new game idea_eng

    Hi @ Thamas , I’m looking for something like game about old times in Egypt or Mayan ... you have a battles , one person game, discovering all the treasures and trying to go through all the traps etc -something like Indiana Jones...I just start to watch it and I simply 😍.
  7. Hi @ Maiker83 it’s really worth it?? Id like to get one...
  8. Ok, I’m ordering Xbox one s standard (no digital) later in the year I will try to upgrade to new xseries... Need help with controllers as well later and figure it out game pass??? thanks again.
  9. Hi there. I'm looking for a xbox console, I think that its slightly better than PS4 and I like the controller.I was thinking about one digital version , however I'm open for your recommendations. Should `I wait for new x or maybe I should go for a current x .??No idea what to choose- need help.
  10. hehe I must say that the game is great!! Even if I'm PC Fortnite player Im simply Love this game≥ BTW I need few advices with xbox as Im planning to get one in the next few weeks
  11. Hi gamers , I’m @ G-BOY , pc gamer from Uk, thinking about new Xbox as a next purchase.Im 15 yo .

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