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  1. This time we are choosing from new releases and new gold Games. Take your time and Enjoy. As usual, Im asking for short comments.
  2. Definitely Ultimate , all included plus xCloud ( play on the move)!
  3. XCloud it for mobile and tablets. Its came for free with Ultimate pass . Honestly, don’t bother at least you are happy to play on tiny mobile .lol.
  4. Hi mate, I will personally go for series X , it will be your first console, yes? In this case, you have an option to get a 24mtns 0% series X including Ultimate. It will cost you £29. /month ( Xbox all access) You will save on passes and will get console on 0% ... Cheers 🍻
  5. Thank you @ edjazoli25 for a mention in the newsletter, really appreciate it🤗
  6. Hi there my friends. This time I will go for 6 games as a new Xbox realises (3 from July and 3 from August) and 6 games as a Gold add(3 from July and 3 from August) I know, I know only 12 games , however I was away with my folks and as enjoying wildlife on my camping trip I was off the grid for the last 3 weeks....this is why Im'm making kind of joine poll. Sorry again and enjoy!!!! Thank you for all the messages in the chat box!!!!🥰
  7. Jack

    Gone Series

    Hi @ lilk_1h , I’ve just found your post and I must say that I had read this books.Simply awesome, I think I was like a 13-14 and I almost cried on the end. Enjoy Summer .
  8. So .........the winners are Grounded and Fallout!!!! Enjoy it! I know I’m a bit late with polls for next month, however we are away with family and access to Network is limited. Enjoy your Summer guys .
  9. Can’t wait to use new releases in my next polls. Great reviews!
  10. This time we are looking for best Xbox release in June plus new games available on Gold. And you have an option to choose two games this time ... Poll closing on the beggining of August !!! Feel free to add comments.🤓 Enjoy. Im going for my favourite Desperados III and Soulcalibur6.
  11. I will say disc formatting is important and you must do it properly, specially if you have a new or have had a used drive on different system . Its looks like @ edjazoli25 found a good link, however if you still struggling @ Deborh89 let me know and we will try another things . Good luck
  12. Going to do it today ...thanks for support .
  13. No comment for my choice , I simply enjoyed with that games, maybe I’m weird but I like it.😜
  14. This time we are looking for best Xbox release in May plus new available on Gold. And you have option to choose two this time ... Poll closing on the end of the June !!! Feel free to add comments.🤓

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