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  1. This time we are looking for best Xbox release in June plus new games available on Gold. And you have an option to choose two games this time ... Poll closing on the beggining of August !!! Feel free to add comments.🤓 Enjoy. Im going for my favourite Desperados III and Soulcalibur6.
  2. I will say disc formatting is important and you must do it properly, specially if you have a new or have had a used drive on different system . Its looks like @ edjazoli25 found a good link, however if you still struggling @ Deborh89 let me know and we will try another things . Good luck
  3. Going to do it today ...thanks for support .
  4. No comment for my choice , I simply enjoyed with that games, maybe I’m weird but I like it.😜
  5. This time we are looking for best Xbox release in May plus new available on Gold. And you have option to choose two this time ... Poll closing on the end of the June !!! Feel free to add comments.🤓
  6. Thats true , U can play I think up to 4 ?? But you need xtra controllers...You have lots of double /screen split option games there , it is sad that they hardly advertising that option .
  7. Hi dude, how are you and welcome 🙏.
  8. Jack

    new game idea_eng

    I think @ Thamas and the rest that most of the game are already invented, however sadly not for Xbox consoles 😭
  9. Minecraft it’s a yes from me!! I spend hrs and hrs with that game and it’s looks like more to come ...
  10. Thank you everyone for participating in my poll, Later on I will do another one for another continuous month-May. April’s winner is Resident Evil3 and sadly we will say goodbye to this title in Game Pass.
  11. I forgot to add my game-silly me! Resident Evil it’s a nice comeback.
  12. Choose your favour game of April 2020😎
  13. No problem @ edjazoli25 , i will do another ones fopr next months as well.
  14. I think when you are on Ultimate already , you cant make a trick again....

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