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My name is Alan and I'm a Junior Admin on our xForum.

Most of the time I'm browsing the news about what is happening around us, various forums on various topics.

I'm always helping others as best I can,so if I know the answer to a certain topic, I will add it of course.

I like playing games, watching movies and series. Pranking my friend?-tes I love it.LOL

If you would like to chat or need more info feel free to write to me pm or simply chat in the chatbox.



Hi, I'm Wiki, junior admin on the xForum.
I was born in the last year of the 20th century.
I started my adventure with games when I was still a child and, as befits a real player, I started with Gta: SA.

I have changed my place of residence many times in my life, so for me new challenges are only an  extra increase in my experience. I love games a lot, even though I don't have the greatest skill,  I play for fun. I am a working and learning person, but I spend every free moment playing and watching TV series






Hi! My name is Marcin. I started my adventure with games from playing on the computer. But even  then I only played once in a while. Captain Claw, Gold Miner Joe, and The Settlers III were the games I played the most.

Only a few years later I decided to buy a console. First, the choice fell on PS3, but after a few months I changed the console to Xbox 360.

Then my adventure with games and Xbox started more seriously.

Playing for a few hours and looking for more and more information about the Xbox world has become my daily routine. Now I have decided to share my passion with you. And I hope someone will share his interest as well ! 😀



Before the age of 1, pre-C3 would watch his parents play through Super Mario Bros. on NES, sometimes it even went late into the night as this baby lay awake in awe..

which Fatefully led to an avid Gamer by the age of 3, then by 5 years old-possessing more skill & experience than most Gamers double or even triple his age!! (consider, this was before the age of save files...)
Later in life he would guide his older sisters through Donkey Kong Country and Super Mario World on SNES, which naturally led to helping all his elementary school friends through LoZ: Ocarina of Time & Majora's Mask(as he was Always the first one to reach The End).

Fast forward to 2011 and he's ranking Top 3% in CoD Elite competitions on Modern Warfare 3, then throughout that decade attaining world records for both Mario Kart 8 Time Trials and Angry Birds. Yet another jump to 2020 and Xbox Gamerscore has breached the 120 000 mark!!!
So What's next for this advantageous Gamer? Well it's already happening of course, alongside xbox.vibes and xTeam-the possibilities are endless!!!




Hi! My name is Michael!

My adventure with games began in the early 90's of the last century.
I mostly play Xbox, but sometimes I like to turn on my PS4 or Nintendo  too.
A big fan of Star Wars and  Friends  series since childhood.
If you can't find me with a controller in my hand, then I'm probably sipping the "dark side of power "

in Central Perk.
Every day I spread my passions to my wife and our two daughters, creating the Avengers team!



Technical xTeam

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