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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 has finally graced our consoles!! & I, like many others I know-have been enjoying it every step of the way! Sure, most of us haven't played any THPS in years and really had to shake that rust off, I know I certainly did!! Low and behold a

20 000 point combo turns into a

168 000 point combo in no time! 

I got it launch morning (Friday 4th) at a local EB Games, so didn't get that early start digital pre-orders got, which was fine with me since I already decided I wasn't going to rush this gami-in order to experience such a remarkable game! So I started with my own create-a-character and focused on completing all level objectives, then moving on to the next. I finished up both games by Monday morning, so with seeing most content I really must remark on the look and feel of this masterpiece! Everything looks fantastic and definitely brought up to today's standards, which is still kinda mind blowing to see-since I started out at THPS 2 and I like many others never thought the series was gonna return. 

Now the feel of this game is nothing short of perfection, not that any of the Tony Hawk games had any sort of issue with the controls(other than Ride🤣), but with this return they really did upgrade everything!!

In summation: If you were ever a Tony Hawk Pro Skater fan, then this game is a MUST own, no doubt about it.


Ps. Online Freeskate mode has been confirmed for Fall!!! IMG_20200907_132102_606.thumb.jpg.0c823932dee2088eb946f1022bcbe0a5.jpg

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