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  1. Definitely home with cosy sofa, warm cup of tea and a pack of crisps or bottle of wine.
  2. Ok, lol 😂 yes it was a new router WiFi connection hahaha. I know it’s sounds stupid but in my busy life sometimes obvious things are to complicated for me. Thx 🙏
  3. Yes, I have got received the new router and I connected it to the power and phone line. I’ve got withe light on the display. Why?
  4. Hi everyone. I’ve recently changed my broadband provider and yesterday was my activation day. So since then my Xbox not working, I mean I can switch it on but I can’t play any games as it’s showing problems with internet. What should I do?
  5. I’d love to see Tom Cruise in new Top Gun. Another movie will be Venom. Then last three are: Diana: The Musical, Cinderella and new James Bond.
  6. 50 GB is my limit and plan, but I’m somewhere between 30-40gb.
  7. Definitely will have a 👀 look.
  8. Hi girl. If Razer will be without cable I will go for it as it’s slightly cheaper. Xbox Elite2 will always properly connect to your console etc so in this scenario I will definitely go for Elite2.
  9. Ok, I’m away now and will do it later on.
  10. 😮. I can see it now. Ty.
  11. Hiya, I’ve got CoD WW2 for sale in great condition. £10 including free postage-Uk only.
  12. Few months ago I was trying to get customise new controller from Xbox lab. Of course the web was shut down on this occasion so now I’m trying to find another place where I can get new customised controller. Any recommendations or places you have used before? Uk based.
  13. Thanks everyone for all your comments.
  14. Hi Guys, I found Werewolf game on sale(£12) and I'm thinking to buy it. Yes, its disc, however I'd like a little review/option from gamers who played this game already. Its any good? The price is good? What is overall opinion?
  15. @ G-BOY thanks, I have connected with usb and went trough nicely.
  16. Hi guys. Last night I was seating on the sofa and an message appeared about headphones update. Yes, the new Xbox one. I confirmed but the update never finished and my headset stopped working, then started and stopped again. Any ideas?
  17. Suzan


    Lol, looks quite scary TbH .
  18. I realised that on FB selling pages you can find lots of games for fraction of the price.
  19. That’s true, hey can be quite expensive, maybe you can try Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered for £19.99 or Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered for £34.99
  20. I’m a nurse so definitely it’s my duty to help.
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