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  1. @Wixter check the subscriptions section in menu https://xbox-vibes.com/subscriptions/eng/ it’s only £12 a year and you become vip. Plus you are supporting forum. I think @ edjazoli25 using any extra money for us anyway by buying all those codes and gifts. I can’t even imagine how his making any money thou?
  2. [email protected] , I can offer £40? I know it's a long shot but will try. See you later.
  3. Waaat, I wanna RBX as sell @edjazoli25 . Lol. Lucky you @lilk_1h
  4. So quick update, lat night after full reset the console reading the disc without any issue. I went through everything like you guys said. Thanks again and see you soon in the net.
  5. Hi guys. I’ve got an issue with my series X. I’m trying to play a game from a disc and my console can’t read the disc. No even showing the game in Home? Any ideas? All my games are digital and this is the first one I’m going to try from a disc. Ty
  6. Maybe the best game screenshot from the games you are playing?
  7. @Guest GUEST hi, its very simple. Follow the steps below and you should be able to fix your issue. Why you wanna to go full reset btw? Shut down the console by pressing and holding the Power button Release the Power button once the console turns off Unplug the Power Cable Wait at least 5 minutes Plug the Power Cable in Press the Power button to turn the console back on
  8. @Roddix definitely a fan. Especially when your dad doing all the renovations etc, lots of dust and moist in the air will make dust stick to the blades etc. Try with compressed air and let us know. 👍
  9. I’m waiting for Dune, James Bond, Spider-Man, Venom. Matrix 4 will be my last choice as I’m simply curious 🤨.
  10. Hi, I just found out today that I can’t edit my own posts? Do I have any restriction on my account or simply can’t do any edits after saving post?
  11. Hi guys, I’m wondering where I can find currently some good deals for Xbox series X in Uk? 🙏 Thx
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