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  1. With whole respect to creators of CoD it’s a such a flat game. No interest whatsoever to keep it. Battlefield surprised me a lot. I simply can’t stop playing it. Such a great achievement and new idea of Multiplayer options.
  2. Try reset first if not working then hard reset and if still no good then send it back for repair as sounds like an optical drive is gone.
  3. @ CrazonX1 from word Crazy and X1 from the first NASA’s supersonic aircraft.
  4. @FlowerBug Great to hear that, it was so difficult to get any new consoles with All Access, but at last you’ve make it. @edjazoli25 As usual great explanation!
  5. I will go for a racing/sports games Forza Horizon 5, NBA and maybe Golf?
  6. Is that will definitely works with series X? Maybe someone could test it?
  7. Hi guys. In November I’m planning to buy the new Xbox headphones, so I’ll be appreciate for any opinions/reviews from forum members. Thx in advance. 🙏
  8. My girlfriend don’t like games and my Xbox, however she respects my time and behaving properly( doing shopping 🛍) 😂.
  9. Connect straight to the socket as Xbox have got the surge protector already built it in. I’m guessing you are talking about “surge protection “?
  10. @Guest Hassanaq no worries I will help you my friend. I’m hoping you have at least controller from XOS etc no 360. Press “Home” button to turn your controller on Then press for few seconds “connect button” and then you will see your controller on iPad Bluetooth devices. Follow the rest of the pairing steps on your tablet. Here you go! So simple. And don’t forget to register for the future.
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