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    So many people try to grow up too fast, and it's not fun! You should stay a kid as long as possible!- Vanessa Hudgens
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  1. Hi Guys, I saw few info regarding new Call of Duty 2021- Vanguard. It will be nice if you could share your thoughts and expectations. As for me I'm really happy that the latest game will be available with Campaign as well and will be set in the future of the WW2( 1950) where the Germans are still unbitten. As the rumours saying it will be only latest console specification series X/S so we will take advance from every single bit of the performance and great graphics. Now after the Battlefield disappointment I can't wait even more for first week on November 2021.
  2. I’m afraid you can’t add extra All Access to your current console. It works only with new purchase in the set =console+Game Pass (Ultimate) as a one purchase. Only option for cheaper Ultimate is to get code from some of the websites that offering extra discount.
  3. Done! It took me 2.5hrs. The first one was tricky, however with second one I knew what I’m doing. Thanks
  4. Thank you, yes I'm going to get pads first and then we will see.
  5. Hi everyone. I just bought a car, Ford Fiesta 2004. I know it’s a quite old car, however I’m a student and it’s a perfect first car for me 😂. I know as well that I can find a lots of videos online how to change pads etc, but I need to know how really difficult is to do it myself. Did anyone of you done this before? How difficult it to do it and what tools I need? Appreciate any advice.
  6. I'm using Facebook in this same way as @ edjazoli25 mentioned, in local marketplace. However you can use websites as eBay,Gumtree, Musicmagpie or even Ebay or even from online shops like game.co.uk. Some people using cash converters or pawnbrokers- not sure as from my own experience I found lots of games overpriced and damaged discs.
  7. Thamas


    I love it! Good job my friend.
  8. Ok, ok I understand now. Thank you so much for your support and explanations . I’m going for seriesX as it’s make more sense. As well will need to ask my grandma for early bday present 🎁. Need to sell my Xbox one S then😉.
  9. Now after I read all you messages actually I can see that series X will be a better choice. Or maybe wait for another generation Xbox console if I’m ok with current one S and games that are still compatible? Sorry for silly questions but I want to check every opinion before a big purchase.
  10. @GMd4d Good move with 360’s games. Will have a look over weekend then.
  11. Yeah, I know but I'm not using discs games anyway, plus it cheaper so I can save a bit. Maybe I can keep the one S as well so If need to use disc then can use it?
  12. Hi I’ve got at last a chance to buy series S or X, so what should I choose if I’m upgrading from Xbox One S? Another S?

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