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  1. Yeah, its a great game, but in my opinion the 4th was better. I like the custom options so you can change suspension, tyres, etc to make you cat going faster.
  2. Friend of mine said its took him 5hrs for CoD campaign and I was spending 10 hrs of Free Trial with Battlefield with such of fun. CoD going down⬇️ Battlefield ⬆️ 😁
  3. Hiya, I'm new to all CoD games and Im planning to get the latest Modern Warfare and Cold War. However I am confused with the CoD mobile? It's a game on mobile only? Can I play it on xbox console?
  4. My dad said the the console itself have a power surge protector builded in. And I heard that sometimes its making a power issues if you will connect to extra protector like extension lead with protection fuse etc.
  5. hiya, I have send you a message in priv chat. I ok to join our accounts
  6. I heard that definitely you need to pay a kind of custom charge from now on.
  7. I know that you can buy kinda a type of adapter for bluetooth.
  8. Check your notifications settings and make sure your status is "online".Eventually you could do a console reset and see how its goes after that.
  9. I'm interested. How should I pay and send you my details?
  10. Welcome axxstheticxvolly on Xbox-Vibes forum.Please enjoy your time  with us on xForum.


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