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  1. Great choice, They are to expensive at the moment for me, however I will try to save and definitely will get one soon. It’s my summer saving project.
  2. I used to play Battlefield even on old 360, however no campaign in the new version will make it as unnecessary purchase. I can’t see any point to get one only for multiplayer option. CoD is a winner in 100%.
  3. 2T it is a good size sdd hard drive. You can use it only with Xbox console as games using different format and unfortunately you can’t use this same disc for any other files than the games. Even if you formatted your disc on pc and then add some files, you will still be forced to do another “game formatting “ after you connect it to your console. You will see the pop up message asking for formatting. After that you will be able to save existing and new game on it.
  4. So, I’ve got at last my new Xbox Series X and I’m wondering if I can add “All Access” to it, let say from Smyths or Game?
  5. I have send you message on PM(personal Message). Speak soon.
  6. It’s a great game, however I can’t understand why they advertising as a series X enchanted??? Graphic in some cases simply asking you for switching off.😿.
  7. I saw my dad, basically helped him and it’s took us around an hour. Plus he cleaned all the pistons etc. After that I could do it my self probably so I’m pretty sure you’ll be fine. Good luck.
  8. Hi. I'm planning to get the new Metro:Exodus, however its so expensive and I was wondering if any of you know any cheaper places where you can buy second hand games? I could buy and then simply re-sell again after or swap.
  9. Thanks for the info. Going to buy one over weekend then. 👍
  10. Nice, I like minecraft as well, wanna play together sometimes?Chat me or text via PM.

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