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  1. @Hassanaq question, what brand of tv you've got? If that will be me, I will go for sound bar with wireless subwoofer. I have checked yours and here in Uk cost around £160. So what you can't add few quid and go for this one> SONY HT-SD35 ?
  2. Free weekends got nothing to do with another free trials etc. I used my free 10hrs already and I'm playing "free weekend" just now.
  3. Even if you keep them for as longest you want, you’ll be only able to play them when they are available on Xbox Game Pass.
  4. @Suzan you should never connect Xbox console do extension lead. Always directly to main power supply.
  5. @Amanda so console need few things to works. Internet, tv connection and most important, as your daughter playing Roblox and Minecraft, plan that will allowed her to play with another players in the real time. You can get Live Gold as a better option for her Ultimate Pass. That will give her an unlimited access to all free games supplied by Xbox. That will be the best option. As well, it’s worth to try All Access.
  6. @Ahmed2x you know you could change your gamer tag as Xbox offering that for free(fist time only) but if you already created your new GT that’s mean it will not be available anymore. Follow this instruction to add your new profile to a family console. Press the Xbox button to open the Home , and then select Profile & system > Settings > Account. Select Family settings > Manage family members.
  7. I don’t realised that people still buying Xbox games as most of them are included in the pass, especially the Xbox branded. So Xbox live still exists? I thought it was combined in to the Ultimate plan🥸
  8. Yes, it’s confirmed, Halo in Uk will be available at 6pm!
  9. @NiesberkPLツ thx, silly old me I thought it’s a new CoD series or something similar.hehehe
  10. Hi Guys, I heard about CoD Mobile and Im wondering where I can get one so I can play on my xbox. Im new to CoD and never heard about this part. How and where I can get it from?
  11. @Guest Alexis11 uk, £100 in pawnbroker, eBay or Facebook probably around £180-£200 max.
  12. Thx, they looks awesome and price is affordable as well. Tips like this are great. I’m going for controller in this situation.
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