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  1. Thx, they looks awesome and price is affordable as well. Tips like this are great. I’m going for controller in this situation.
  2. What about Guardian of the Galaxy, Forza Horizon S and to be funny Party Animals.
  3. Hi guys. Decided to make this poll as recently cinema opened here in Uk and I went as well to see James Bond. So, what you prefer Cinema or Home and sofa to watch great movies? I prefer Cinema!
  4. Its a tricky as Im in the relationship and my girlfriend do not accepting xbox at all.Grrrrr! I can at the moment play at night or when Im away with my friends. Will see how its goes and maybe will dump her.??😂
  5. Yeah, I like this game tag as well...
  6. Hi, you can use 3.5 ma jack adapter. It’s the simplest and cheapest solution in your case.
  7. Definitely waiting for Top Gun with Tom Cruise, Dune and Venom. Another two are new Spider-Man and Matrix 4!
  8. @edjazoli25 around 10Gb as most of the time using work wi-fi.
  9. @edjazoli25 TBH I’m quite surprise that you never play Fallout 4? Seriously 😒?? Such a great game!
  10. Great choice, They are to expensive at the moment for me, however I will try to save and definitely will get one soon. It’s my summer saving project.
  11. I used to play Battlefield even on old 360, however no campaign in the new version will make it as unnecessary purchase. I can’t see any point to get one only for multiplayer option. CoD is a winner in 100%.
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