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  1. I’m travelling a lots and I can confirm that the games you own and carrying with you can be played anytime. The XGP content changing depends on the country you are in. Power is not the issue as well if you got a proper adapters( do not trust cheap Chinese fake alternatives)
  2. I don’t even realised I can buy a subscription to support forum and get a VIP badge. O yeah going to pay for that!!😘👍
  3. Thanks, we’ve got a Black Friday deals here in US and definitely going to get one. See you on the scoreboard milestorun
  4. I know that some of you was exchanging info about peloton treadmill last year, any chance for one so I can get $100 off?
  5. @MomOf2 Try this Shut down the console by pressing Power Button When console turns off release the Power Button. Unplug power cable and wait 5 minutes. Plug it back and turn the console back on by pressing the power button.
  6. I am a sweet woman but as a businesswoman I’m a crazy as hell when I need to make a deal. This is why my nickname is @ SweetButPhysco12 12- I wanna be 12 yo again 😂 and I spelled my psycho wrong( just decided to leave it as it is)
  7. @edjazoli25 done the update and it’s fine now. Thank you so much
  8. @edjazoli25 will do it tomorrow as I’m so tired and it’s time for bed(11pm here).
  9. Ok, so I’ve managed to connect headset to pc in hotel(funny story as my Mac don’t have any inputs for headset) and the microphone works perfectly when we used Skype. So? Faulty controller?
  10. Ok, will check for updates, unfortunately I’m using iPhone so I can’t physically connect to it. @Charlie2001 Straight to controller.
  11. Hello gents and ladies. Recently the microphone stopped working in my headset. Any ideas what is wrong with it? Settings haven’t been changed so definitely we can skip that. And btw, I’m using currently Xbox one S and standard controller. Normally I’m using my series X and Xbox headset as @ edjazoli25 recommend me another time. But this time I’m away and decided to use my older console as it’s smaller etc.
  12. Hi Guys, thanks for your kind words. Thanks to you I have ordered the new Elite2 and hopefully I will use it soon while I'm traveling.
  13. Hi guys. I’m planning to get a new controller for my Xbox and still debating between Elite2 or Razer Wolverine V2. Elite is slightly expensive but the money is not a problem for me. Which should I choose? Please help.
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