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  1. GMd4d's post in 🇵🇱Kupno online Xbox seriesX was marked as the answer   
    W Polsce Xbox All Acces dostępny jest w Media Expert
  2. GMd4d's post in 🇵🇱Pad się nie łączy z konsolą. was marked as the answer   
    A na konsoli tez wcisnąłeś przycisk parowania? 
  3. GMd4d's post in 🇵🇱 Dobre strzelanki, co polecacie? was marked as the answer   
    Ja od siebie mogę polecić jeszcze Titanfall 2, mimo że to jest FPS. Może już trochę czasu ma ale to jest po prostu świetna gra i na single player i na multi. Można grać przez EA Play, albo XGPU, ewentualnie kupić za grosze.  Borderlands 2 i 3 też są świetnie. Mi bardziej podchodzi 2 (ciekawsze klasy postaci są), ale w obu strzelanie jest bardzo, ale to bardzo "miodne"!
    Z TPS-ów można jeszcze dodać The Division 2, Sunset Overdrive i np Resident Evil 2 lub 3
  4. GMd4d's post in 🇬🇧Hotel Transylvania3 for 9yo daughter.✔︎ was marked as the answer   
    My daughters (both 7 y.o.) said that Hotel Transylvania 3 seems a bit boring. I do not know if your daughter would like that game as it is a matter of individual preferences. You may show her a few gameplay videos on YT and ask if it looks interesting for her. 
    Anywho... If you want to show her different types of games, try to play with her. Our family like to spend time playing video games, we play Rayman, Big Crown Showdown, Brawlhalla, Cuphead, CTR Nitro Fueled, Minecraft Dungeons, Overcooked, Totaly Reliable Delivery Service and more. However, my daughters enjoy the most the games that they can play with together with me and my wife. So we look for couch coop games. 
  5. GMd4d's post in 🇵🇱Xbox Live Gold za darmo?✔︎ was marked as the answer   
    Xbox Live Gold nie był, nie jest i nie będzie za darmo. Na razie wiadomo, że cena nie wzrośnie i z czasem gry Free 2 Play nie będą wymagały subskrypcji Xbox Live Gold do grania online. Na razie nie wiadomo kiedy to wejdzie w życie. 
    Xbox Game Pass Ultimate w dalszym ciągu będzie działać tak jak działa - łączy w 1 subskrypcji Xbox Live Gold i Xbox Game Pass na konsole i PC. W tej sprawie nic się nie zmieni. 
  6. GMd4d's post in 🇬🇧Nintendo Switch vs Switch Lite.✔︎ was marked as the answer   
    Actually it depends on the purpose of your decision. I have Nintendo Switch, not the Lite version. Lite is a bit smaller and you cannot dismount the joycons, and you cannot plug the console to a TV. If it is only to be used while you travel or have no access to a TV Lite could be a good option. 
    However if you plan to, sometimes, plug the console to the TV e.g. at your friends place, grandparents, hotel or any other place you should buy the ordinary version. It has a bit bigger screen, you can dismount the joycons and make a soldi controller, you may buy additional joy cons for you friends to play with you etc. 
    For me it is better to spend a bit more money and get a full product instead of the Lite version. Especially if you can have XGPU and play a lot of games on the go on you mobile phone or tab. 
  7. GMd4d's post in 🇬🇧GTA5 problems.✔︎ was marked as the answer   
    1st - check the Xbox Live status on Xbox page.
    2nd - to play online games you need to have Xbox Live Gold (this service is necessary to play online games)
    3rd - check your internet connection
  8. GMd4d's post in 🇬🇧Do I need Xbox Live??✔︎ was marked as the answer   
    Xbox Live is a standard account which allows you to use Xbox. You might wnat to know more about Xbox Live Gold (XLG), which is necessary if you are going to play multiplayer online games. If you focus on single player games XLG is not necessary. You will only have access to 4 free games/month for that time (6 months). Xbox Games Pass (XGP) on the other hand gives you Access to around 150 games to play, some of them for single player, some for multiplayer. Should you consider multiplayer online games and XGP you ought to try Xbox Ultimate (XLG+XGP). It will be cheaper and you will get Access to games for PC as well. 
    Hope the above helps a bit with your question. 
  9. GMd4d's post in 🇬🇧Standard controller for new xbox X? was marked as the answer   
    Microsoft said that xbox one controllers will work with Series X console. For now there is no need to do any updates as the New console is not available. There will be some information about it around the release day. 
    I am not sure about the headset but probably it will work both with Xbox One and Xbox Series 
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