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  1. Guys, what about If I do play Battlefield 2042 this free play weekend, will it count against my 10 hour trial period through EA Play? Asking as I still have 7hrs left.
  2. Hey, I’ve done maybe second mission on the land and I’m like in 10th hr of the game. Still got like 15 to do so it will be definitely a very long game. Well done Xbox!!!
  3. As we know all Xbox games are for free for Xbox users, yes? So why when I’m going to Microsoft store I have option to buy an Xbox game? Make no sense to me. If they are always for free for us why Xbox putting them with price as well, as a example Halo, free but still with price £59 and it’s for Xbox or Pc?
  4. Open world vs tracks and proper races. No chance for tokens in FH5 but you can buy some for FM.
  5. I would like to get a few comics and poster of Stranger Things(the new one ☝️)
  6. @axxstheticxvolly hahaha, yeah I’m gonna try FH5 over weekend. Let’s the race being!
  7. Grrr missed the party yesterday! Happy Birthday Xbox-vibes, let the another year begins with new members and even more topics. Great job 👏.
  8. As @edjazoli25 mentioned above. Update and full controller reset.
  9. What about best question to you? People will ask question and on the end you will choose the best one that you will answer and reward with small gift. Another 5 most interesting questions can be answered and reward with a "special badge"?
  10. @ Johnax , in my village they call me 🪓 axe boy because I’m doing a lots of logs chopping for people. And this is how I’ve made it JohnAxe without E.
  11. Definitely go for series X and in the future upgrade to seriesX. Why not go for All Access and then you will pay 0% monthly. Your game pass will be overall cheaper.
  12. @WarantX19 mine is connect with WiFi and it’s working fine. My room is on the end of the house( probably 10m from the router)
  13. Hi 👋 everyone. My new Xbox series X will be delivered to me in the next few weeks and in the meantime I’d like to ask you for a good setup up to £200. I’m looking for keyboard, mouse, headset. I will spend most of the time with controller, however as a PC background I’d love to use K&M sometimes. Thanks.
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