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  1. Recently, as most of you know, I was changing the analogs on my controller and now I can’t connect it back to the console. I replaced the batteries and restart console. What can I do next? Any ideas.
  2. Ok then, everything done properly but now I can't connect the controller back to console?
  3. Thank you. I will order a set and then replace it myself.
  4. Thank you, yeah it’s looks like a stick. @NiesberkPLツ I’m playing a lots of shooters. The controller run out warranty last year so I’m looking to get the new one or do a DIY repair. So I need two things: 1.Where I can get a good quality analogs and not to pricey? 2. Instruction how to do it?
  5. Hi guys and sorry if this is the wrong section but I wasn’t sure. I’m not sure as well how to describe my issue, but will try my best. My menu selections moving up itself without any touches of the controller. I mean I’m not touching anything and it’s moving itself. It a way to fix it or I need to change something in settings?
  6. @edjazoli25 I heard as well that quitting game completely will help.
  7. The Fortnite wasn't working properly, it was some issue with multiplayer. I tried the one from the main screen but I wasn't sure how to make the hard one. Thx guys.
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