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  1. Happy Birthday 🎂 🥳 🎁 . Enjoy every second of your life!

    1. Marlexxis


      🥳 happy birthday 

  2. 1) I play Xbox because it has very fun games! 2) Report 3) To know what you're doing in the game 4) If you get frustrated just keep trying or take a break 5) I feel satisfied after playing a video game
  3. On my 1 year anniversary of joining xTeam I propose we join forces in Los Santos & bring the pain to those that appose us!! Having an Xbox-Vibes crew in GTA Online is well overdue imo, so I'm asking you now, are you interested?? Do you want to get some Heists going!? Or perhaps just roam the map-gettin those stars and lookin for trouble!?! My specialty is Operator, so I can get us anywhere we want to go(including the Cayo Perico Heist), and would be very happy to share all my vehicles.
  4. Can confirm, the new Series X controller does work with an Xbox One X console, even the new capture button works. However, I could not get the Series X controller to connect to my Xbox 360 Elite.
  5. @edjazoli25 Hey what can I say, nothing was stopping me from making it to that preorder for Series X!!😁 & even at 6:00am I was the third in line, and that was with an 11:00am opening!
  6. @Charlie2001 Yeah, I started with the Day One edition of Xbox One, and have known ever since it'll be my main path in gaming. At least for the time being. Although it is noteworthy that I was a Nintendo Baby, so that relationship is likely to never end. Speaking of which, imo I think Microsoft is just taking a page out of Nintendo's playbook. Oh and I'm excited for Halo Infinite too! Its gonna be such a good time!!
  7. Now that I've officially had a full week with my Xbox Series X, and most gameplay being based around Assassin's Creed Valhalla, I can easily say.. "I LOVE IT!!!". From the super fast load times, to clearly superior graphics. This evolution is certainly something to look forward to in it's current state/expectations, in addition to all the future possibilities. Oh and what an amazing game to start this generation off with!! The scenic mountain ranges, and all bodies of water in-between.. Absolutely stunning!! The gameplay is fantastic too, really makes you feel like a Viking! The addition of the character selection was perfect for this game specifically. I had to go with Eivor, she's far too badass not to! I have also spent some time in GTA Online and Destiny 2: Beyond Light. Where as GTA Online may not be a title to completely show off this consoles capabilities(yet), Destiny 2: Beyond Light most definitely is. After an insanely large update/download, the instant direction of Beyond Light feels quite refreshing to say the least. Not only for the visuals, but there are also new enemies!! Something Destiny 2 has sorely needed for some time now. Due to AC Valhalla I have only dabbled with Beyond Light near the end of it's launch week, yet can tell the endless amount of nights that will be spent enjoying this once obsessed title. If I had anything to add, it would be this: not only has the use of this console been a terrific experience, it's unboxing was remarkable! Infact, it may even be some of the cleanest presentation I have ever seen!! Which is saying something since my days of buying everything in collectors edition aren't that far past.
  8. Yeah I've heard about issues with the online and playing with friends, there's a Fall update that's expected to happen that's adding Online Freeskate so I suspect VV will have it cleaned up by then.
  9. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 has finally graced our consoles!! & I, like many others I know-have been enjoying it every step of the way! Sure, most of us haven't played any THPS in years and really had to shake that rust off, I know I certainly did!! Low and behold a 20 000 point combo turns into a 168 000 point combo in no time! I got it launch morning (Friday 4th) at a local EB Games, so didn't get that early start digital pre-orders got, which was fine with me since I already decided I wasn't going to rush this gami-in order to experience such a remarkable game! So I started with my own create-a-character and focused on completing all level objectives, then moving on to the next. I finished up both games by Monday morning, so with seeing most content I really must remark on the look and feel of this masterpiece! Everything looks fantastic and definitely brought up to today's standards, which is still kinda mind blowing to see-since I started out at THPS 2 and I like many others never thought the series was gonna return. Now the feel of this game is nothing short of perfection, not that any of the Tony Hawk games had any sort of issue with the controls(other than Ride🤣), but with this return they really did upgrade everything!! In summation: If you were ever a Tony Hawk Pro Skater fan, then this game is a MUST own, no doubt about it. Ps. Online Freeskate mode has been confirmed for Fall!!!
  10. That's awesome! If you're interested, I've also got some of my content posted to my Instagram gaming page, including my trial footage.
  11. Uhhh can we skip this event for 2020 hahaha, or better yet, I'll just kiss my dog🤣
  12. Last month we were graced with a new Skateboarding video game that I see as THE FUTURE OF SKATEBOARDING VIDEO GAMES!!! This game has done what Skate games did to the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series, something hard to believe until you experience it for yourself, which is quite easy to do since they offer a free 3 hour trial (which is the entire game!). One of the main aspects that attributes to it's realism is the fact that each thumbstick controls each one of your feet, which brings insurmountable fun once you learn how to grind & slide different features. Do not be fooled tho, this game brings far greater challenges to the Skateboarding genre than ever before! Personally, it took me about a half hour of straight gameplay during the trial to really get the feel for it. The only question now is.. how will Skater XL fare with it's launch later this month?
  13. I am currently amidst the next marathon and it's the Harry Pottet series, including starting it off with the Fantastic Beasts movies. However if I'm being completely honest, I've already done a 24hr nonstop gaming challenge.. more than once!
  14. I have just embarked on the journey to watch thee entire Game of Thrones series consecutively and wanted to see if there are any other Game of Thrones fans here as well. Have you watched thee entire series yet? If so, do you own any of the content? or did you watch it as it released on HBO? I know I have just started (still currently on season 1) but I am so excited for the next 7-10 days of my life!
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