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  1. Yes, you need to download the Just Dance app and then use your mobile as a kind of controller. Btw it’s a shame that they stop producing Kinect for series X but probably VRC will be the next step.
  2. Unplug the console for few minutes, simple as that.
  3. Was thinking about Halo but I love driving so much. As well for 2022 Hellblade 2 looks sick
  4. @ edjazoli25 , thank you for the prize, I can't belive it was me ending up with £50 gift card! Thank you so much. Will definitely recommend this place. RU planning any more games in the future?
  5. Still going through the campaign but definitely will go and try multiplayer later.
  6. I wanted to play Halo and one of the controller was low on power. When I took the second one and turned it on, I couldn't play anymore(no movement, nothing). What should I do? I do replaced batteries with the first one but still curious what's happened.
  7. Happy Xmas everyone!🎄


  8. Do you know any more places where I can buy cheaper games??
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