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  1. As in the title, how tricky is to replace HDMI port on Xbox One S? Where I can get the proper part? Should I replace it myself or send to proper repair centre? And last question, if I’m going to send to repair service how much that will roughly cost? Thx in advance for all the answers 🙏
  2. Thx, IDK need to know how difficult is to replace it.
  3. Hi Guys. I bought another cable and I’ve got this same issue. So It’s a port, Yes?
  4. Sorry, forgot to add pic I don’t have anything else to try with.
  5. Hey guys! When I connect the new HDMI cable to the TV (LG Model), I saw this, what's the problem? help me, please!
  6. Just registered so no will use a prop. profile 😝
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