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  1. Trust me you will enjoy this part. Such a great game with so many alternatives.
  2. Nice games, I will PM you with my games and we will see from there. Btw, it’s a good idea.
  3. Come on Xbox fans, only Elite2!! No more third party manufacturers.
  4. Vote for the game you are waiting more. CoD Vanguards or Battlefield 2042? My personal choice goes to CoD Vanguards as offering us a campaign and as “leaks” saying only series X/S compatibility, that will give us incredible graphics and speed.
  5. @ Patryk I’ve played this game last year and I must say that I wasn’t disappointed at all. Great game, highly recommended.
  6. Maybe Hitman3? I heard it’s a good game and quite good storyline.
  7. I prefer local shops or fb so I can go and have a proper look on the quality of the disc.
  8. Yes, I’m using W11 and I think it’s a like with everything new-you need to get use to it
  9. The price reflecting the quality, its a great game, especially now when was optimised for series X. Try in second hand places for the game, the price should be around £12.
  10. ok @ Suzan you have two options, First- you should connect your headset directly via usb cable and then your update will go in 100% , second- if you going to do it wirelessly please make sure that your headphones are next to console, do not move them. Your update should be then complete properly.
  11. Wow, I’m not sure about the full size fridge at my parents house but I can imagine the mini fridge in my room especially now in the hot weather situation.
  12. Yes, games staying with your account. It’s very handy to download all the games to external hard drive or to new console before erasing the old one as will save time later on with direct download from the internet.
  13. Good price but will be tricky as @edjazoli25 said not many people will need it as no campaign there.
  14. I think it’s a great idea as giving meat to the homeless and making meal for them using only organic natural meat must to be a heaven for them as it’s definitely better taste than processed food.
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