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  1. Thanks for your votes guys. Over next week I will post another pool. Keep 👀 looking
  2. @Hassanaq you can use as well this little gizmo. ⤵️
  3. Brexit situation hehe, Europe want you gamers suffer haha.
  4. I cant imagine such a bid development without single player campaign 😤 @xs23CooL Bro you’re doing well. Imagine me writing in polish. Dobro robota.
  5. Was playing MadMax and yes, great game. What about Resident Evil Village??
  6. *Thanks @ edjazoli25 for translation/ Dzieki @ edjazoli25 za tlumaczenie. 🇬🇧What you prefer: Controller or Keyboard with Xbox console? I prefer controller in 100% 🇵🇱Co wolicie: Kontroler czy Klawiature do konsoli Xbox? Ja wole kontroler w 100%.
  7. Hi there, again I'm looking for best "New Release" and "Game Pass" game for June 2021. Appreciate your comments and likes. I love Destroy Humans, so nice and easy game, just enough for any gamer to relax and play. Then another great part of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, I went through all the parts and never got a chance to do this one, so when was available in XGP I started straight away. Great game.
  8. Any chance for disc pic? Will help a lot. 😉
  9. No, thank you. I will never take something that is still in experimental phase of production.
  10. @lilk_1h @tusia_k @Paulx5 @GriGAMER_1793 👏 great job .
  11. Hi there, this time I'm looking for best "New Release" and "Game Pass" game for April 2021. Appreciate your comments and likes.
  12. Happy birthday, dream completion, have a awesome games, stay strong, healthy 🙂 .

    1. Jack




  13. Happy Birthday my boy! Thank you for being with us and enjoy your day...

    Happy Birthday Beyonce GIF

    1. Jack


      Thanks you so much

  14. Yes, you can use one of the VPN services, basically you will have an extra plan with an app where you will choose from different libraries. Im suggesting to have a look with Nord VPN or CyberGhost. Its very easy and cost only few quit a month.
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