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  1. @Guest Roxxane No you can’t as Kinect sensor and Kinect are only available to used with the Xbox 360 or Xbox One console. It’s not compatible with series X/S.
  2. Definitely Haleblade and Halo, they are the best games ever!!
  3. Its happened to me as well few times. Simply sync the controller and console back again.
  4. @Guest Bixbox Personally I will go for Ultimate, but it’s your call on the end. I know some of the people that only using Gold and buying they own games as cheapest as possible.
  5. @Maurice as @Jack said. If you own series S and your game is for series X/S you will not be able to play with friends who own Xbox one gen. I know it’s rubbish but as you mentioned the only option is to get Xbox one game and run it on series S. Yeah, bollocks!
  6. Sorry for delay with the answer but you know, everyone is busy with the Christmas. The answer is yes, you can easily use seriesX games on Xbox One. Enjoy.
  7. Hi. As @ edjazoli25 mentioned you can go and new series X ( please do not go for S ) using the monthly payment plan, however if she’s 9, it’s really with it? Personally I will start with Xbox One S and see how it’s goes.
  8. It’s true, and it’s nothing to do with the console but your broadband. It’s depends how “clean” is the connection, as data/request when is send must travel to the server as quickest as possible without any bumps or stops. It’s like a highway if you know what I mean. With to add that wired connection to your router will definitely helps.
  9. You’ve made it quite complicated tbh, so you need set up your console as a family and then use main account to install the games and the one you wanna for your progress to play with. You will basically use “game” account on borrowed time from the main account. Why you don’t wanna use main account then?
  10. @Suzan if you are an average player it will take you probably 20-25 hrs. Have fan!
  11. Definitely will be on Game Pass. Maybe they wanna delay release to the end of the day. Here in US it’s said 1pm and yes, I have checked your profile, yo R from Uk so probably around 6-7 pm thou.
  12. @Roddix and @Maxbox whatever game you own and taking disc with you, you’ll be able to play on your Xbox. You need to make sure that is installed in Uk and available in your library or external disc.
  13. @edjazoli25 I can’t even make one for myself lol. Still using letter here.
  14. It’s a dissent game and I was enjoying every single second of it.
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