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  1. It was a pleasure to do this small project for you with @ edjazoli25 .
  2. @ edjazoli25 it’s not a problem, I’m so busy at the moment but will try to do something tonight. Always happy that we both can share ideas 💡 and make something together. Will pm you with ideas.
  3. what about something like that with Xbox logo between the palms ??
  4. Personally I’m not using them as they are wired in touch, however you can always try first the cheaper one and then make a final decision. You can check here if you are in USA. https://fatalgrips.com/collections/controller-grips-xbox-one
  5. Definitely will have a 👀 look. Good luck
  6. So, definitely SDD plus 3.0 minimum for usb. 2T are plenty enough! You don’t need to do any formatting on pc, connect to your console and the instalator will ask you about formatting if need it. Good luck.
  7. Nothing changed, any chance for review of my previous request? 😂😉
  8. Hi @ edjazoli25 , I saw a “mention” button on another forum and I wondering if it’s possible to add one here as well? I think it will speed up the reply etc.
  9. How you doing with your DIY break situation @ Thamas
  10. Thanks guys for your thoughts. @ Paulx5 Scarlet Nexus- never heard of 🧐, will have a look now.
  11. I’m from USA and we have similar offer here as well. I’m pretty sure it’s only available when you are buying console and Game Pass as a set. You can’t added later to get only discounted Game Pass. Sorry my friend.
  12. My votes goes to Destroy Humans and Wolfenstein. Both so different games and so addictive.
  13. Hi everyone, as in the title. What are you recently playing? Myself- Metro:Exodus and Immortals: Fenyx Rising
  14. Of course controller guys, I can't imagine to seat on the sofa with keyboard & mouse and trying to relax after busy day. Or even better, playing split screen with siblings or friends.Come on!!-Controller is a winner!
  15. The Lab website is back and running now.

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