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  1. Hi @Alexis11 nice to meet you. Any questions, issues or simply want to chat about something, start chat or any topic in any section. Im from USA and I’m, of course, an Xbox gamer.
  2. I prefer HOME as you can always hang out with friends this way as well and then from watching go straight to a PARTY!!!! Plus @Roddix my bedrooms are more comfortable than cinema seats 💺. 😉👧🏻
  3. @G-BOY definitely works. However TBH not sure if that will works with Elite2 controller??
  4. @CrazonX1 Personally I think that will be the best option for current and future Xbox consoles releases. It’s fully compatible with the new and older oneS/X. Regarding any reviews probably @edjazoli25 post will give you all the important informations.
  5. @Guest MarcoD that’s correct it’s a fully multiplayer game. The “single option”, not the “solo” mean that you can’t use it as a share screen with someone else. So basically it’s a single player and you will play alone on the screen. I know how confused 🤔 it is.
  6. Yes, you can. Please check the topic below where @ edjazoli25 explained how to do it. Any questions, just ask.
  7. @Roddix its could be a dirty fan, you can buy a can of compressed air and blow it from both sides. RU keeping your console next to open window etc? It’s could be a drive as well, so try use it without disc and see how it’s goes.
  8. @Johnax yes, it’s a good setup, but will have a look for Xbox series X headset, the one that @edjazoli25 recommending is superb.
  9. @Hassanaq no worries, you’re be able to play new games on Xbox One and Series X and you don’t need to pay any fees for “upgrade” .
  10. Yeah, I’m looking for Dune and Matrix 4 as well. Plus the next choice will go to Venom and Top Gun. Probably will go as well for James Bond
  11. @NiesberkPLツ I will go for The Rock as well, @lilk_1h Ton Felton of course and @Biedronka Zendaya!
  12. @SweetButPhysco12 great, so we know it’s definitely controller. It’s must be an input where the pin goes(probably slightly damage), yeah looks like a new controller then 🥺😢
  13. @SweetButPhysco12 I need more informations from you. How you connecting your headset to Xbox, via cable to controller? If so, are you using any adapters? What you can try: Connect to another controller if possible ( sometimes it’s a faulty controller), connect to mobile if possible and check if microphone working? You want to make sure it’s headset before you are going to replace it.
  14. @CrazyGirlx Make sure you will choose wisely. I know it’s a good idea but on the end of the day you must trust this person. Hopefully here we have all the honest and well behaving gamers. 😉
  15. My friends, this is a higher level of gaming, 😂, I live this game, the storyline is awesome plus all the extra “side missions”. Definitely go for it @edjazoli25 !!
  16. I just realised that I never uploaded any profile picture for myself. 😂😂 @edjazoli25 great samples Btw.
  17. @Guest CrazyGirl)) its not possible to swap digital games that you own with someone else. You can’t sell it as well I’m afraid 😧.
  18. @CrazonX1 you can use Two things to connect your AirPods. You can buy a simple bluetooth adapter that you connecting with your controller. Or you can use your mobile as a voice sender through the Xbox App.( probably the first option is much easier)
  19. It was a pleasure to do this small project for you with @ edjazoli25 .
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