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  1. Charlie2001's post in 🇬🇧Insurgency game- solo or multiplayer? was marked as the answer   
    @Guest MarcoD that’s correct it’s a fully multiplayer game. The “single option”, not the “solo” mean that you can’t use it as a share screen with someone else. So basically it’s a single player and you will play alone on the screen. I know how confused 🤔 it is. 
  2. Charlie2001's post in 🇬🇧Syncing new Xbox controller to two devices. was marked as the answer   
    Yes, you can. Please check the topic below where @ edjazoli25  explained how to do it. Any questions, just ask. 
  3. Charlie2001's post in 🇬🇧 New Games compatibility for xbox one and series X. was marked as the answer   
    @Hassanaq no worries, you’re be able to play new games on Xbox One and Series X and you don’t need to pay any fees for “upgrade” .
  4. Charlie2001's post in 🇬🇧Connecting AirPods to Xbox One wirelessly. was marked as the answer   
    @CrazonX1  you can use Two things to connect your AirPods.
    You can buy a simple bluetooth adapter that you connecting with your controller.
    Or you can use your mobile as a voice sender through the Xbox App.( probably the first option is much easier)
  5. Charlie2001's post in 🇬🇧Controller buttons meaning. was marked as the answer   
    I know it’s make no sense, however it’s mean something different. 
    RT-Right Trigger (right bottom-trigger)
    RB-Right Button( right top-button)
    and exactly this same on the left side. 
    Now when you mentioned the left/right top/bottom it will make more sense for me-maybe need to contact with Xbox designing team?...but it’s a trigger and button I’m afraid 😟 
  6. Charlie2001's post in 🇬🇧Going to America with Xbox. was marked as the answer   
    Hi, I’m from USA and yes, he’ll be perfectly fine. Any game he owns will work, the only restrictions will be with the game pass as some of the games are not available in certain regions. Don’t forget as well to take an adapter for power. Enjoy. 
  7. Charlie2001's post in 🇬🇧Taking Xbox abroad.✔︎ was marked as the answer   
    There is no playback restriction on purchased and downloaded games that you still keeping on your console. 
    However, you would not be able to redownload the game you purchased, as it would  not be available for you to download in the Microsoft Store in different country. With discs it’s not a problem at all. I think your Game Pass selection could be different than Uk so it’s worth to install your favourite games and maybe even consider taking external hard drive with you. 
  8. Charlie2001's post in 🇬🇧Can’t buy V-buck using gift card?✔︎ was marked as the answer   
    Have you used any gift card to add money or card?
    If gift card, have you use correct region?
    You mean Pc Microsoft account or one on the console?
    In the meantime go to pc Microsoft account after cleaning cache and history from last few days. Then check
    your billing address should be in the same region as the market/XBOX Region you choose. 
  9. Charlie2001's post in 🇬🇧Returning digital games. was marked as the answer   
    You can easily get refund. Please bear in mind that few conditions apply.
    *Games and apps are eligible for self-service refunds within 14 days of purchase if you have less than 2 hours of play time across all accounts.
    *The game or app must be downloaded and launched before requesting a self-service refund.
    *You must wait for at least 1 day after the game or app's release before requesting a self-service refund.

    Remember that Microsoft will pick and block the refund system for the people who abusing system. So make sure you are not buying bunch of new games, playing right to 2hr and then trying to return for refund. 😎
  10. Charlie2001's post in 🇬🇧Can’t start the games|Returning to Home Screen.✔︎ was marked as the answer   
    I think you need little bit more than “soft reset” Try this 
    Hold the power button on the front of the console down for 10 seconds, releasing it only after the device shuts down. Disconnect the power cable and wait for an additional 10-20 seconds, then reconnect the power and turn the console back on.
    Let me know the results.
  11. Charlie2001's post in 🇬🇧Xbox OneS and WiFi connection?✓ was marked as the answer   
    Yes, you need it for Jackbox and most of the live games with multiplayers option.
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