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  1. Happy birthday, dream completion, have a awesome games, stay strong, healthy聽馃檪聽.

    1. Jack



  2. Sure, i will contact evening. It can contains a webpage integrated with webview but with additional features (example share xbox live assets, additional bar up to webview etc). For example Electron App. https://www.electronjs.org/
  3. I would like to develop Xbox Vibes Desktop app if forum admins will do not have anything against it. Please give me your opinion about it. Would you like to use it? It will be available on Windows and Linux. Thanks for comments and reactions. Features planned in version 1.0: - Lazy content loading - Articles history - Favourite articles - Marked to read - Reader mode - Action button - Fullscreen chat mode
  4. Mi艂o ci臋 powita膰 Kacper, mamy nadziej臋 偶e b臋dziesz si臋 dobrze tutaj bawi艂. Jak znajdzie si臋 pewien problem, refelksje lub chcesz si臋 podzieli膰 czym艣 innym to 艣mia艂o pisz posty, komentarze. 鉂わ笍
  5. Some fun facts about Xbox Gaming World. Xbox 360 can run original xbox games from dvd if you have a original xbox hard disk. Also you can play system link (LAN) between xbox original console and xbox 360 console. You can play Xbox 360 on xbox One using HDMI-in port and TV app and play two games in the same time (x360 game and xOne game). To original xbox you can connect wireless xbox 360 controller by using ogx360 and it works good enought but require some time to configuration 馃檪 Most toxic gamers was registered in halo game on xbox platform in 360 lifetime 7gen consoles In original xbox is possible to upgrade from 64mb to 128mb ram
  6. Z okazji rodzin wszystkiego najlepszego, super wra偶e艅 z rogrywek, spe艂nienia marze艅 gracza i nie tylko!

  7. Z przeciek贸w wynika 偶e Microsoft chce kupi膰 Discord'a za 10 mld USD. Czy wed艂ug was nawet je艣li to jest to ruch w dobr膮 stron臋 (wbudowanie tak dobrego komunikatora w nowy system Xbox Network) czy jednak mo偶e mie膰 to negatywne konsekwencje dla tak szeroko dost臋pnego oprogramownia, kt贸re pokocha艂a spora cz臋艣膰 globu? Jest teraz co prawda kliencka aplikacja Quirrel ale ka偶dy wie jak dzia艂a i jest oparta na edge webview co niesie ograniczenia i jest niekomfortowe. Wprowadzenie DC na xbox mog艂o by polepszy膰 komunikacj臋 mi臋dzy PC-Xbox i rozbudowac platform臋 z drugiej w膮tpliwe pozostaje cho膰by czy Microsoft p贸jdzie w dobr膮 stron臋 z projektem bo historia pokazuje 偶e nie raz nie wychodzi艂o jednak ostatnia popularno艣膰 Microsoft Teams pokazuje 偶e m贸艂gby to by膰 ekosystem w zasadzie du偶y na rynku. Co wy s膮dzicie? Z ch臋ci膮 poczytam wasze spostrze偶enia. 馃檪
  8. Wszystkiego dobrego.

  9. @Grano22聽wszystkiego nas z okazji urodzin, niech ten dzie艅 i cale twoje 偶ycie by艂o pe艂ne szcz臋艣cia i niespodzianek- nic si臋 nie dzieje bez powodu.

    Happy Birthday Baby GIF

    1. Grano22


      Dzi臋ki wielkie za 偶yczenia i za pyszny tort s艂odko艣ci 馃槃聽.

  10. In shortcut keys mostly comes from illegal businesses (for example stolen by russian hackers). But is not a rule. Still is hard to verifiy a source of codes. If by saying "legit" you mean purchase security it depends on offer seller. I do not recommend buy games this way but each have their own experience with this.
  11. May work but we need more informations. Have you sometimes an popup message like "App Took Too Long to Start" or levels/main menu before issue loaded too long? Your game is in internal or external hardrive? You're xbox insider? This game is from Blueray disk or digital distribution?
  12. Try to clear cache memory by fallowing steps: Press and hold the power button on the front of the Xbox until it turns off completely. (light will dissapear) Unplug the power brick (xbox one fat) or internal power from the back of the Xbox. Press and hold the power button on the Xbox several times to expel any remaining power and clear the cache. Plug in the power brick or internal power. Wait for the light on the power brick to change from white to orange. (Xbox Fat) Turn the Xbox back on as you would normally.
  13. W膮tpie 偶eby to by艂o to quality co oczekujesz ale te偶 mam tylko gimpa pod r臋k膮 wi臋c takie co艣.
  14. Masz kilka: JupiterX , GrodyDestroyerRX, JasienkoSzpak09, CirexWarriorTK, XaV3R, Nils0nCarry, KaSaK_UwU, JaVi3r71, DarkVisierV2, BassoComba12, MrocznyTasakOglady656. Z g贸ry m贸wi臋 nie znam, si臋 na wikingach ale chocia偶 spr贸bowa艂em.
  15. Je艣li nie to tutaj masz linka i jest to 艣wietnie opisane: https://support.xbox.com/pl-PL/help/hardware-network/console/system-update-solution/startup-error . A jak bd mia艂 z czym艣 problem w tym procesie to pisz.
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