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  4. Hi mate, if you really want to learn the accent and more about English language you have two options. Go to England for few months or simply start watching Netflix in English audio. I think if you will start putting posts in English that will help you with writing as well. So good luck and take care.
  5. Hi, go to Xbox Accessories app on your console, press the Xbox button to open the guide, select My games & apps > See all > Apps, and then choose Xbox Accessories, in your case controller. There you will be able to set up the correct button for sharing/recording. After that you can name the profile and come back to the setups that @edjazoli25 told you about earlier. Let us know If you still have any problems. Ta ta
  6. Nice tip mate. Will try to get the Europe region then. I presume they will have an English as well as an option in the storyline etc?
  7. Thx bruv. So strictly speaking the people from EU can only get EU copies where we can get both-nice!
  8. Hi. I was wondering if I need to buy games in Uk region or Europe? We left Europe but geographically we are still in Europe, so? Should I chose Europe or UK? Im based in UK by the way.
  9. Its must be an analog stick, its easy to replace it so don't worry to much. I can send you clip or step by step instruction how to do it. Which controller it is?
  10. @Suzan this is because I’m 100% sure you forgot to add new network in to your console. Go to Settings >Network > WiFi and put new name and password. You will find all the detailed on the back or bottom of the router. Let me know if this is the case?
  11. My partner, she’s a great girl and I can play with her most of the time. Of course she love to choose a girly games 😂
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