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  1. My partner, she’s a great girl and I can play with her most of the time. Of course she love to choose a girly games 😂
  2. Hits, I heard that now we are able to connect new Xbox controller to two different devices (examples mobile and console) without needing of syncing ever time? If so, how to do it?
  3. I think I will go and see Sylvester Stallone, Tom Hanks and Al Capone.
  4. Guys, I will definitely wait for CoD as the campaign will be a 🔥 bad ass !!
  5. I will say few words about only few games as normally not going through every single game- sorry. Will pick the three 5stars and three 3stars and below. Destroy All Humans- what a great game, if you need to relax after busy day at work/school. 5* Doom- its a classic game, every single gamer should try it and its doesn't matter with part it is. 5* Destiny 2- wow, at last an open world game where you can do whatever you want with friends and another players. 5* DayZ- I was expecting something different, maybe more action, shutting etc. Average survival game 3* Disneyland Adventures- good for 6yo and below. Sorry, not for me. 2* Darksiders: Genesis- only giving 3* as the game is so similar to Diablo. Overall, it's a good game with average story and so confusing skill tree.
  6. Ok , got it now. I will do transfer as well and then erase the console.
  7. Hi Guys, I want to sell Xbox one S and need to know how to erase everything on it so no one will have an access to my account? Plus a silly question, my games will be safe when I will get the new console?
  8. Come on, the worst game ever, or should I say a “series “ as it’s no gameplay there at all.
  9. You will not find it coz the Black Ops4 don't have one. They was thinking to try a game that will be purely design to play with friends...Be honest with you, Ive made this same mistake when I bought it.😉
  10. Definitely “Outriders”-still playing this game lvl13 and “Destroy Humans”-great and so funny 😆
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