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🇬🇧Hotel’s WiFi Xbox authentication issue.✔︎

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I’m back to travelling and decided to take my Xbox with me as need to spend 10 each time in hotels...
So Im trying to connect to a hotel wifi but I keep running into some issues. Everytime I got to connect(I've tried ethernet and wireless) it tells me there is additional authentication required and when I click authenticate now, its brings up the webpage but then before i can connect it shuts me out taking me back to the additional authentication page. Any one know what to do in this situation? It is quite frustrating.

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Hi @SweetButPhysco12 , Xbox as a console do not supporting this feature. You can change MAC number but the fastest and the easiest way is to connect your mobile to WiFi in hotel and then go through all the authentication etc. When you are connected, use a mobile as a “hotspot”. 

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Hello, as stated by @edjazoli25  try from another device. You might need to do it from a smart phone then use the smartphone as a hotspot from hotel internet. The XBox is not going to allow you to check into that authentication page no matter what you do, its not set up like that. I’m travelling a lots as a lorry driver and staying on lots of motels. I found that as an easiest way to connect. 

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