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🇬🇧Balance issue- Xbox Play Store


Go to solution Solved by edjazoli25,

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I bought a new Xbox card online and redeemed a code  to buy a few games. My balance hasn’t changed so I waited few hrs as I thought that “balance update” will take a while. But nothing happens so I restarted my console then unpluged the power and  left  it out for a few minutes and still nothing. No changes to the balance? Please help me, any advices?

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Yes, it is a bit unusual in this situation. And the first think I will ask you to do is to follow the steps bellow.(1st option)


  1. Me may need to clear the Mac address first. Follow the steps below and let us know the outcome.
  • Go to Settings >> Network Settings > >Advanced Settings > >Alternate Mac Address > >"Clear it"
  • The console should restart then.

*It would help you as well if you could restart the broadband/internet router while the xbox is restarting.

I have 2 more option for you to follow  before you will need to contact the seller for they support, so let me know after each if the status of the balance changed.

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19 hours ago, Rockboy said:

Works now, thanks!

Tell me what will be the next two options if you could? I'm simply curious please.

 The next two steps I will recommend was the steps you have already performed as you mentioned,it will be quick power cycle by turning off the console and then unplugging all the cables. Last one will be to perform a reset on the console without losing any games. 


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