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587f9254b3935853619beccd-2.pngThe first months of 2020 has been really hectic but not in the games industry. We have had a few great game releases with even more to come in the following weeks.
➡️One of those games is Ori and the Will of the Wisp. Actually, I’ve had high hopes for this title as the first part was simply amazing. I must say that I was not disappointed with it! Ori gave me an outstanding adventure with astonishing graphics, amazing gameplay, beautiful story and breath-taking soundtrack. I had so many different emotions while playing the game, I felt joy, sadness, fury, relief, and fury again… Ori is a “must play” game for everyone, and even though it looks more like a lovely fairytale it will make you cry, curse and willing to throw your controller at the wall with all the frustration of the World. But you won’t do it cause you will have the urge to try and try again until you finish the game.
I’ve played Ori thanks to Xbox Game Pass but it made so much impression on me that I just had to buy this collector’s edition, with a beautifully made artbook, themed steelbook and original soundtrack CD. 
Have you played Ori yet?
Stay safe guys! Stay home and play


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Sorry @ GMd4d  It’s not my type of games.

I have tried once and I must say that bit of chemistry was missing(maybe I died after 10sec) hahahha.LOL

Game itself must be a “game on” option as lots of people talking about it.,?


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