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As most of you know I'm moving to Germany next week and of course I'm taking console with me. As I'm using console for games, I'm using for Netflix as well. So important question is, can I use English Netflix in Germany or will it be only German? Going ahead, if I can only use German Netflix is there any chance I can get an English version?

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Yes, you can use one of the VPN services, basically you will have an extra plan with an app where you will choose from different libraries. Im suggesting to have a look with Nord VPN or CyberGhost. Its very easy and cost only few quit a month.

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Ok, I know that you can use Nord Vpn or CyberGhost, however I will recommend you something that I'm using at the moment.


  • 15 International libraries ( Nord only 7)
  • unlimited devices (Nord only 6)
  • add block 
  • $2.40 a month
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