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馃嚨馃嚤馃嚞馃嚙"B" XGP|honest reviews/rzetelne recenzje|04.2021|

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Hi, I have managed to go through most of the "B" games.

*Batman- 5*, best game from the list.I really like the聽hand to hand combat and driving bat mobile etc. Very interesting storyline.

*Blair Witch- 4*, good horror game with dark story. Great game, took me 3 days to complete the main story.

*Battle Chasers: Nightwar-3*, it is not my type of the game so it's a pass from me, game itself looks ok and probably the fans of RPG games will like it.

*Bleeding Edge- 2* sorry but lost interest after introduction of聽the way you fight, operate the game etc.

*Black Desert- 1* looks like a game that indeed trying to suck all the bucks from your waller- @G-BOY聽you're absolutely right.

*Battletoads-!!4*!! game for small kids I will say, at least you want to have a fun for 30 min...

*Beholder Complete Edition- 4* quite clever game, so many different storyline choices, nice.

*Bridges-3* slow, slow, slow, nothing interesting.

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Hi @GMd4d, its my time for a few words regarding "B" games. So here we're go......

  1. Batman-5锔 good game with great adventures聽story, weapons, face to face combat and visual effects.
  2. Blair Witch-3锔 good horror game, if you are horror person its definitely a game for you.
  3. Battletoads-3锔弅ids game I will say. Not too bad.
  4. Beholder-3锔廹ood, twisted story. Lots of different options to chose from.聽
  5. Battle Chaser-2锔弒orry, not my type of game, however its a great option got JRPG fans.
  6. Bleeding Edge-1锔廼ts a big "no" for me, straight from the beginning its simply do not make me interested.
  7. Bridges-1锔弒low game involving solving the puzzles etc. Its ok if someone need to slow down his life and relax after busy fast paced day at work.
  8. Black Desert-?锔廹ame where most of the items you need to pay for...?-It's a bit of true, however its' a great MMORPG game. Everything working smooth聽including great graphics. Its not my type of the game and in this case I'm not sure about star ratings.
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