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Disney Plus has finally launched in the UK and will be available on a number of popular devices, including Xbox One.


The new streaming service, which will be home to Star Wars series The Mandalorian, is one of many available on Microsoft’s gaming console.

You can download it on Disney Plus just like the other streaming apps giving you access to Disney Plus originals, classic shows and films. If you’ve already got Netflix this will all be easy peasy for you, if not we have a quick and easy guide to downloading Disney Plus on your Xbox One.

Any questions, simply ask.

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  • Administrator

I’ve got it for few days now, looks good and £5.99 it’s a not a massive amount to pay .

Just wondering if it’s available in Europe and US as well @ Jack ?

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587f938fb3935853619becd6-2.pngDisney Plus launched elsewhere in Western Europe -- the UK, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland ... Disney will keep an eye on congestion and could further reduce bit rates if service providers are getting overwhelmed, the company said.

Yes US got it as well, price $7 a month or $70 /year...

Lots of people getting the app and looks like price may go down ...maybe can beat Netflix , specially for kids .

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