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* @ edjazoli25-25 eggs- of course not taking part in the search LOL!!🤣

 1ST.@ C3SGAMING -24 eggs!!

2ND. @ Jack -23 eggs!!

3RD @ Xboxziomek -23 eggs

*@ Thamas -22 eggs!!

* @ xbox-star :) -18 eggs

* @ lilk_1h -18 eggs

* @ SweetButPhysco12 -16 eggs

* @ Lilk1h -10 eggs

Please check the links for eggs locations.

1st EGG, 2nd EGG, 3rd EGG, 4th EGG, 5th EGG,6th EGG

, 7th EGG, 8th EGG, 9th EGG, 10th &11th EGG, 12th EGG, 13th EGG, 14th EGG, 15th EGG, 16th EGG, 17th EGG18th EGG, 19th EGG, 20th EGG, 21st EGG, 22nd EGG, 23rd EGG, 24th EGG

25th EGG


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