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My dad at last gave me a space in the basement to rearrange my gaming room. The only problem is that the main router is upstairs and the signal is very weak. I've got 2-4mbs and not sure if that is enough? I can see that sometimes the xbox slowing down and lagging, especially when playing live/online games. Any ideas how I can improve the signal and what is recommended speed for xbox?

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You can ask for a Wi-Fi extender if you want. Recommend speed for gaming is 3.6mbps, however I'm always trying to go for highest possible.

You can try to get wired connection in the basement using longer Ethernet cable?

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I will recommend at least 10mbps and you may try to use an Wi-Fi extender as a plug in gizmo or you can buy a WiFi socket. I think that will be the best option because you still want to use laptop, cellphone etc with your internet. What is your standard speed at home? 

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  • Administrator

4Mbps will be enough to use xbox however as earlier members said 10 or more will be great.

You have 2 options to choose from 

  1. Get wi-fi extender( contact with your broadband supplier to get one)
  2. Hard wire to your basemen and  another router so you can use all you equipment online downstairs 
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