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Covid-19 latest update_eng


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The number of confirmed global corona virus cases has passed 1.5 million. With rises in new infections in Italy and Spain have cast doubt on an early end to lock-downs.


Yesterday saw the UK’s deadliest day of covid -19 after 938 Brits died from the disease (The uk’s jump of 938 deaths is higher than Italy’s worst day when 919 people died) Taking the total to over 7,000.


Prime Minister Boris Johnson has now spent a third night in intensive care, But the PM's health is improving and no signs of deterioration in his condition according to government officials with an update earlier this morning. 


Today we have Senior ministers gathering for a COBRA meeting that is expected to result in restrictions on movement being extended in lock-down review measures. The Prime Minister's stand-in Dominic Raab will chair the COBRA talks, which will be attended by cabinet ministers and the leaders of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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In a time of feeling much helplessness, the best thing we can do as individuals is STAY HOME!!!(and social distancing is key, 6 feet minimum!) 

What better way to show our gamer pride than to do what we've been doing for so many years, play Video Games are home! With advancements in online gaming this really isn't that difficult, whilst still playing the video games we Love with our friends.

Stay safe out there everyone, and wash your hands!!

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  • xTeam
3 minutes ago, edjazoli25 said:

After last figures was released I’m going a bit 😟 worried. Easter will not be this same anymore, at least Easter Hunt will bring smiles on our faces...

Its totally natural to be worried, but we must stay strong for those who can't right meow, let us find happiness wherever possible cause we need that more than ever these days.

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in US going quite scary now, Im not sure if we will recover at all, I think that the virus will be here all the time and We need to prepare ourselves to live with it.

Message to Gov, -STOP messing about with viruses that you can't control on the end and stop using us as a experimental  guinea pigs.

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