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🇬🇧Xbox one to series S transfer.

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1 hour ago, Xbox Team said:

Hello, it is possible to transfer online, which @edjazoli25  described on the forum. Remember that both consoles must be turned on.
Step by step:

Turn on your Xbox One console.
Go to settings.
Go to the "System" tab
Select "Backup and Transfer"
Check "Allow network transfer"
With your console powered on, start the Xbox Series S.
On the Xbox Series S console, also go to the "Backup & Transfer" settings
Your Xbox One console should appear in the "Local Consoles" list:
Choose her.
Select the games you want to transfer to the Xbox Series S.
Start the process.

Thanks @Xbox Teamthat’s  correct, however remember as well before you start, that both consoles (old and new) during the transfer process should be connected to the router with Ethernet cable. This will give you a much faster speed than the Wi-Fi .

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Don’t forget that you could use existing external hard drive if you have one. It will be faster, especially if you internet is slow. Let me know if you need instructions and I will make “hard drive transfer” topic for you.

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Guest Momof2

Thank you for step by step explanation .  We will try again tonight and see how it’s goes. Btw yes, we have an external hard drive for another console(black small box connected via Usb). Our broadbands’ speed is around 10Mbps so not sure if that will be quick enough? I was thinking to leave over night while using WiFi? 

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If you will leave it over night 10Mbps will be enough for the whole transfer. 
As you asked for hard drive transfer, please choke the steps below for more info.  

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  • Go to Settings > System > Storage, select the external storage device.
  • Select all the data you want to move, then press “Copy.”

Wait for the transfer to complete,  disconnect the external drive, then, turn on your Xbox Series X and plug the storage device into the console via one of its USB ports.


The Series X should recognize the drive and ask you what you’d like to do next.


  • select all the games and other data you want to import to the Series X, then select “Copy.” 

Good luck 

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  • Administrator

Don’t forget as well that you can keep, only keep, the games on external hard drive for series X/S. I’d like to take opportunity as well to ask you to join our community by registration. You will have access to instant members chat, clubs and quicker support. 
Thanks 🙏.

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