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🇬🇧Xbox Live Suspension.✔︎

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Good morning, I  just found out that my Xbox Live account got a  suspension?? I don't believe I broke any rules?

Any idea how long that can last as I haven't received any info about the length/reason of the suspension? 

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You should receive an email on your email account registered with you Microsoft(Xbox) account. The suspension last from 24hrs to 14 days.  An account suspension completely blocks the affected account from being able to sign in to the Xbox Live service for the duration of the suspension. It’s could be anything from trying to do to many refunds and trying different games right up to the time limit or simply someone report you...sorry to hear that, hope it’s gone by now as It will be 2 days since you have posted your questions.

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Thanks, yeah it was send to my registered email that I used only to get new profile. I think I was a restricted as I left UK and made few new accounts in Germany? The restriction was only for 48hrs so just to let you know I’m fine now. 
Thanks for help any way. 

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