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Hi there.

I have a question regarding new deal on xbox ultimate, $1/month ?

I heard that you can buy / extend your Live Gold for a period of time  up to 36 months and then activate $1 deal and it will take only a $1 a month for that 36 months as you have Live Gold??

They saying that in one of the online tech advice article https://www.techradar.com/uk/deals/cheapest-xbox-game-pass-deals-prices

Could any one  explain that for me?

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  • Administrator

Hi @ Thamas  , You should be careful as I saw lots of people buying extra Live Gold as they was mislead that $1/month  will continue as long they have a Live Gold covered for certain period of time. 
And according to that article that should works that way...however it’s works different way as converting the live gold to Ultimate and you are loosing a bit, so for example , for 24 month live gold($80) you will have 8 month Ultimate.You can get 3 months ultimate, if you do search for $21/3 months so just add up and for price of $80 will cover you 12 months ,not 8 as per exchange. 
I will go straight for Ultimate as it’s a better deal and that life hack not working as people think.

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ok, I can see now , I was on ultinate and its simply recalculated my previous balance from live etc....its only for new account, maybe its worth to open secound acount in the future andf then use it as a family sharing account?


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