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14 DAYS WITH COVID-19 _pol_eng


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Hi @ Thamas  and the rest of you.

I stopped doing the Covid-19 updates as I was quite busy on the farm and around the house.

I have finished all my projects and at the moment we are in position that we not sure what to do regarding the virus.

My wife is still positive after 9 weeks now and she really struggling sometimes with her health, after two further visits to hospital looks like her lungs could be permanently damage...

My older daughter is positive as well , however her health is ok and no changes to her normal pre -Covid activities.

The only what is worried me, is that virus its still there with them .

We are going to do another test (almost every two weeks now) on next Friday and are that we will see what to do, probably some checks up in hospital...

Myself and my younger daughter are still negative what according to covid expert its quite unusual??

So maybe we've  got a cure fo rVirus inside our bodies??🤷‍♂️

Regards @ edjazoli25


Cześć @Thamas i reszta czytających.
Przestałem robić aktualizacje Covid-19, ponieważ byłem dość zajęty na farmie i w domu.
Skończyłem wszystkie moje projekty i w tej chwili jesteśmy w dziwnym stanie iz nie jesteśmy pewni, co zrobić z wirusem.
Moja żona nadal ma pozytywne wyniki po 9 tygodniach i czasami naprawdę zmaga się ze swoim zdrowiem, po dwóch kolejnych wizytach w szpitalu wygląda na to, że jej płuca mogły zostać trwale uszkodzone a wirus jeszcze nie chce odpuścić ...
Moja starsza córka też ma pozytywne wynik,i jednak jej zdrowie jest w porządku i nie ma szczególnych zmian w jej zdrowiu w porównaniu sprzed Covida.
Jedyne, co mnie martwi, to to, że wirus wciąż tam jest i ciagle powoli niszczy ich ciała....
W następny piątek będziemy robić kolejny test (prawie co dwa tygodnie teraz) i wtedy zobaczymy co robić, prawdopodobnie następne  kontrole w szpitalu ...
Ja i moja młodsza córka jesteśmy nadal negatywni, co według  eksperta z Covid team jest dość niezwykłe?
Więc może mamy lekarstwo na Virusa w naszym ciele?

Pozdrawiam @ edjazoli25

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Hi everyone.


It's been a long break for us with all that Covid-19 situation...


It will be 5 weeks now while we are clear .My younger daughter and I, we never contract the virus, however as you know from previous posts my wife and older daughter was positive for 11 weeks, yes, 11 weeks with Covid-19.IMG_8062.JPG

What I can say, it was tough and as I can hear now that the cases raising up again around the Europe...We are happy to been there and eventually went through it.

Only negatives are, that my wife have got complications with her lungs and hart, we are still in this position that we are not sute how this will work in the long term life.We saw few cases where people survived and then after few weeks they had a  hart attack or lungs failure(yes, its scary).

Older daughter still waiting for her X-ray  and asthma tests, however at the moment we can see that she is struggling as well with the long term breathing and any extra exercises...

Its a shame as we are very fit family.

What we need got do, never give up and slowly put more exercising over the time so we can beat any any post Covid health conditions.

Thank you for your time and speak soon.

Please feel free to leave any comment or start new post if you feel that you need to say your point of view in any case.q




@ edjazoli25

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