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I have a question for everyone is there a difference between the series X and S controllers vs the Xbox one controller? Im thinking about getting one even though I don't have a series X yet. It will be compatible with older models?

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@ Rockboy  thats true, the new controller its slightly smaller, got a mat finish buttons and triggers have a dots tactile dots for better grip. We've got a better, responsive play d-pad as well. The another change is an usb-C type charging port and as usual on the beginning standard AAA battery pack.

The most of the magic happening inside with specially design mechanisms  which matches your button-presses to frames on-screen to minimise any possible lag, making for input so fast that you should never notice any delay. 

On the end worth to add the "sharing button" letting you to share your recordings and screenshots directly to social media feeds.

As for me it will be 4 stars out of 5 ( AAA batteries)

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