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🇬🇧New console choice


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Hi there.

I'm looking for a xbox console, I think that its slightly better than PS4 and I like the controller.I was thinking about one digital version , however I'm open for your recommendations.

Should `I wait for new x or maybe I should go for a current x .??No idea what to choose- need help.

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  • xTeam

If you are more into digital copies of games X1S could be a good choice, especially that Microsoft will support both X series X and X1 at the same tike for the first two years. 

If you have a 4K Tv and will have physical discs with games I'd recommend Xbox One X.  You will have time to think about an upgrade and change for Series X console for some time. 

If you treat it more like an investment and do not consider upgrade of a console for the next few years you should wait for series X - it will have backwords compatibility so you will be able to play classic games, 360's, and X1 games at the same time. 

But that's just my opinion 😉 hope it helps a bit. 

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  • Administrator

Another question is how long you want to wait for a new xbox , I think the new release will be somewhere in October 2020, so If the money and waiting time  is not the issue I'll will go for standard one S and in October will do upgrade to New X series.Hope that make sense. Remember even standard one S digital is perfectly fine for next oncoming years..

Hope that help as well as @ GMd4d answer?

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