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🇬🇧new game idea


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So here is a question for everyone. What game would you like made that isn't a game? For me a firefighter game would be great. Real fire effects. Rescueing victims. Driving the engine. Kicking in doors etc?

I found that on FB and I think its a great question?

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Hi @ Thamas , I’m looking for something like game about old times in Egypt or Mayan ... you have a battles , one person game, discovering all the treasures and trying to go through all the traps etc -something like Indiana Jones...I just start to watch it and I simply 😍.

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  • xTeam

I was really disappointed when MS canceled the Scalebound project. This would be "my game" as I am really into fantasy and a connection between the main character and a dragon would be amazing. Maybe someday the project will have its rebirth... fingers crossed 🙂

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