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I will try to give you a brief look on the current situation around the world regarding the shortage of  Xbox Series X consoles. Since release, the shortage issue is largely due to the computer chip availability, in this case-shortage.Supply of the consoles may also be limited until the middle of 2022 as the pandemic situation as well as the environment issues etc.

The pandemic has affected a number of organizations including those that manufacture semiconductors. The pandemic caused factory shut downs, including many semiconductor fabrication plants, which caused limited production of graphics cards by companies such as AMD and Nvidia. 

You must remember that all the modern processors , pc, mobiles require very rare components and precise manufacturing , so any political(including pandemic) or environmental issues  will slow down the whole supplying chain.

Please feel free to register as we trying from time to time put some availability updates through the chat or post. Please state you country of residence as well for future support.


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