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Hi edjazoli25, 

Hi edjazoli25IMG_6767 2.jpg

I'd like to make a few updated regarding April's Giveaway and Egg Hunt.

Firstly, we have a winners of April Giveaway, please check here for more details. "Winners"


Secondly, please check for Egg Hunt results-"Egg Hunt "

....Id like to apologise that Im sending that results now, however for the last few weeks -I have decided to go for a" online detox"- spending time with Family is priceless.😘


Finally, Id like to thank you all of you for taking part and supporting our xForum.

I'd like t send a big thank you to my xTeam, I know that everything  going a bit slower last days, however your personal messages and conversation keeping me going...yes I'm talking about YOU guys-you know exactly who's talking about-THANK YOU!!


On the end some features update that will come online soon.

*VE Day logo-remember to say "Thank you" to all the veterans that make our life easier and sefer.

*Private chat room- not sure, need your thoughts, personally Im thinking that will speed up communication and support if needed(our Fb competitor going constantly online with contestant members conversation).

* new theme with xTeam section in Footers, for quicker contact etc.

* Don't forget that ourTickTockIG and Facebook are up and running....


Sorry no Competition nad Giveaways in this month as we need more prizes/ donations need it...

However @ Jack  doing monthly "POLL "for new xbox games realise, all welcome and why not starting your own polls including all the games, not only xbox???

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